Capricorn Weekly Love Horoscope

June 12-18: Think about solving everyday issues, the love horoscope for the second week of June predicts stability. The well-being of the family is your main concern, household chores will not be a burden. In order not to aggravate family relationships, do not focus on minor trifles.

Capricorn will spend the beginning of the week in a circle of close people: the influence of Venus in Leo sets you up for friendly communication. Even if the romance is in full swing, take some time for those around you. Perhaps relatives or friends are in a difficult situation, your loved one will understand your desire to help them.

In the middle of the week, you can get closer to your dream — a strong union of two loving people. The Sun in the sign of Gemini is pushing for new discoveries. The weekly love horoscope for Capricorn advises not to stop on the path to the ideal. Let your couple be flawless in every way.

At the end of the week, erotic fantasies of Capricorns will definitely come true: the Moon in Gemini disposes to intimate pranks. If your loved one rushes things, don’t resist. You should not be ashamed of natural sexuality, demonstrate all your skills — show the highest class.

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