Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

August 15-21: Changes in personal life will turn out to be for the better; in the third week of August, the love horoscope predicts the return of old feelings. Lately, you and your partner have become distant from each other, try to add variety to the established relationship. Have a romantic date.

In order not to be wishful thinking, Gemini should start the week by analyzing their personal life. The impact of Venus in Leo pushes for experiments, tempts and makes you break the foundations. As you show your sex appeal, be prepared to listen to lewd suggestions.

In the middle of the week there will be an opportunity to get in shape. Under the Sun in the sign of Leo, any undertakings are successful. If you do not like the reflection in the mirror, the weekly love horoscope for Gemini offers a recipe for harmony — aqua yoga. Wasting no time, sign up for the pool.

Having made a hasty decision at the end of the week, the Gemini will soon regret it. The Moon in Gemini indicates a lack of concentration. Having imagined that you are madly in love, do not rush to spend money on an expensive gift. Perhaps you overestimate your affection, limit yourself to a trinket.

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