Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

January 17-23: According to the love horoscope, the third week of January can be a period of renewal. In personal life, a time of happy change comes. Lovers separated by distance will be able to reunite. Married couples are waiting for a warm emotional atmosphere — this is a good time for planning a child.

In terms of sexual liberation, Gemini at the beginning of the week can give odds to anyone. Venus in Capricorn indicates dedication, the desire for a long-term union. You can smooth out instability in relationships by improving the quality of your intimate life. Try not to complex: you are a hot thing.

Fitness classes in the middle of the week can have unexpected consequences. The Sun in Aquarius makes you look for something unique in ordinary things. The weekly love horoscope for Gemini invites you to take a closer look at those who train next to you. Mutual feeling is the best motivation for losing weight.

On the weekend, the Gemini will face a difficult task — to fall in love with the chosen one again. With the Moon in the sign of Virgo, all the flaws are visible, you need to be at your best. To impress, buy something special and admirable. Perhaps a loved one has long dreamed of such a gift.

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