Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

October 2-8: The time has come to correct mistakes, the love horoscope for the first week of October suggests taking up personal life. Autumn blues can increase feelings of anxiety and depression. Don’t panic, believe the facts, not the figments of your imagination. Calmly ponder past events — everything will work out.

In order not to be wishful thinking, Gemini should start the week by analyzing their personal life. The impact of Venus in Leo pushes for experiments, tempts and makes you break the foundations. As you show your sex appeal, be prepared to listen to lewd suggestions.

The relationship between parents and children will strengthen in the middle of the week: the Sun in Libra focuses on the positive aspects of life. The weekly love horoscope for Gemini indicates a change in the situation for the better. Your support will help your child cope with learning difficulties.

On weekends, Gemini should beware of drafts, there is a risk of catching a cold. With the Moon in Cancer, the mood becomes unstable, there is a tendency to whims. Limit activity, shorten the time spent in the cold, it is better to retire with your chosen one in some cozy place.

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