Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope

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September 13-19: Hide your dissatisfaction, according to the love horoscope in the second week of September, personal life will be eventful. Romantic meetings, compliments, flirting will take you to the top of bliss. Family people will have to hold back in order not to ruin the relationship, although perhaps this is for the best.

Internal problems will become a hindrance in love, Gemini at the beginning of the week will be psychologically vulnerable. Venus in Scorpio can stir up wounds of the past that you would like to forget about: resentment, fear, or anger. Talk to your partner, together you will cope with this situation.

Thanks to the art of flirting, you will break more than one heart, the middle of the week will be fruitful in terms of communication with the opposite sex. The Sun in Virgo implies perseverance and diligence. The weekly love horoscope for Gemini does not doubt your success if you get down to business properly.

On weekends, Gemini must be mindful of their health. With the Moon in Aquarius, every little thing matters. If you miss the warning symptoms, you can become seriously ill. Make an appointment with a doctor, undergo a preventive examination so as not to fall out of order at the most inopportune moment.

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