Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

November 28 – December 4: Romance is everywhere, in the fourth week of November, a love horoscope predicts an improvement in relationships. There will be no reason for disagreement in family life. The partner will agree to all your conditions, just do not act impudently, be gentle, romantic and very affectionate — this approach will pay off.

The beginning of the week promises Leo a lot of romantic dates, which is important: the meetings will continue. Venus in Sagittarius enhances the tendency to idealize the surrounding world. Don’t get lost in this attitude: love is everywhere. Be gentle, be enthusiastic: your expectations will come true.

Do not play with the heart of the chosen one, only yourself and deceive. When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the appetite for risk outweighs reason. The weekly love horoscope for Leo does not limit your actions, but the pursuit of sensual pleasures can lead to disastrous results.

On weekends, Leos may wonder why there is always not enough time to communicate with their parents. With the Moon in the sign of Aries, personal qualities are clearly manifested. Don’t look for excuses, do your best to leave your cozy sofa and go visit. Buy more gifts — you will be welcome.

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