Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

June 5-11: Take the initiative, according to the love horoscope, the first week of June is suitable for romance. Do not wait for the first step from a partner, arrange an unforgettable date — an intimate atmosphere helps to strengthen relations. If you are still single, do not miss your chance for personal happiness.

At the beginning of the week, Leo can be sure of his luck. Venus in Leo gives you sexual activity: pleasure without boundaries. Having made a new acquaintance, immediately go on the offensive — arrange a passionate date. You don’t have to keep your distance if you feel mutual attraction.

A sexy outfit will help to captivate the heart of the chosen one, in the middle of the week you will be damn seductive. When the Sun is in Gemini, you need to be prepared for bold ideas and unexpected discoveries. The weekly love horoscope for Leo foresees a passionate meeting: the partner will be fascinated by you.

On the weekend, Leos will stifle jealousy, and doubts seem in vain. The Moon in Pisces evokes self-pity, a desire to hide from reality. Try to separate your fantasy from reality. If you enjoy suffering, you don’t have to involve your loved one in this game.

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