Leo Weekly Love Horoscope

August 8-14: Protect your privacy, in the second week of August, the love horoscope advises you to communicate less with strangers. In order not to experience bitter disappointment, do not share intimate secrets. Your desire to show off your happiness can be misinterpreted by ill-wishers.

Leo will need some creativity at the beginning of the week to strengthen the relationship. Venus in Cancer promotes deep immersion in the world of the senses. If your soul is singing, give up everything, create an appropriate environment around you. Invite your partner to a concert or karaoke: love music is beautiful.

In the middle of the week, blood will play in your veins: it’s time to revive the relationship. Under the Sun in Leo, the heart beats faster in anticipation of a sweet meeting. The weekly love horoscope for Leo advises not to be shy about your sexuality. Your fantasies will cheer up your partner: passion will burn with renewed vigor.

The housing issue will not give the Leos peace at the end of the week: it’s time to start expanding the living space. The Moon in Pisces helps you to be aware of your true desires. Your dreams can come true if you tackle the business with passion. Consider all possible options and choose the best apartment.

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