Pisces Weekly Love Horoscope

August 15-21: Changes in personal life will turn out to be for the better; in the third week of August, the love horoscope predicts the return of old feelings. Lately, you and your partner have become distant from each other, try to add variety to the established relationship. Have a romantic date.

At the beginning of the week, Pisces will have to spend a lot of money to please their loved one. Venus in the sign of Leo enhances egoism, the desire for pleasure. Play along with your partner, agree with all his desires. Perhaps his need for material goods is a way to fill the void in his soul.

Do not doubt your taste, in the middle of the week you will delight the chosen one with a pleasant surprise. The Sun in Leo does not tolerate stinginess and triviality. The weekly love horoscope for Pisces believes: there is nothing better than expressing feelings with a gift. Present jewelry or perfume.

The main enemy of lonely Pisces at the end of the week is shyness. The Moon in Gemini gives emotional mobility, sociability. Conquer your weakness, try to be in public more often. Go to a concert or karaoke club with the company — you never know where fate might await.

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