Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

December 5-11: Be careful with your partner, a love horoscope for the first week of December warns against mood swings. Your inability or unwillingness to control yourself can lead to a break in the relationship. If you are tired of the chores associated with the preparations for the holiday, put them aside for a while.

In order not to make mistakes in the relationship, Sagittarius will need endurance at the beginning of the week. The influence of Venus in Sagittarius gives assertiveness and determination in achieving goals. Do not accumulate resentment, share with your partner all your thoughts: sincere conversations without prying eyes are a recipe for a happy family.

In the middle of the week, loved ones will disappoint you with their coldness. The Sun in the sign of Sagittarius does not allow lies and pretense. The weekly love horoscope for Sagittarius states: you yourself are to blame. Try to be at home more often, delve into the problems of all family members, including distant relatives.

On weekends, lonely Sagittarius will not be able to distinguish between reality and romantic fantasies. With the Moon in Cancer, interest in the opposite sex increases. By mistaking attraction for a serious feeling, it’s easy to fall into the trap of the seducer. Even if feelings quickly fade away, happy memories will remain.

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