Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

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August 2-8: Dreams come true, in the first week of August, the love horoscope foresees pleasant events. Couples can enjoy the privacy of a vacation. For free people, a holiday romance will be a real salvation from loneliness — no matter how long this obsession lasts.

At the beginning of the week, Sagittarius should do household chores so that they do not turn into a big ball of problems. Venus in Virgo does not recognize weaknesses, calculation comes to the fore. Shrugging off the requests of your half, dodging household chores, you will not be able to keep the warmth of the family hearth.

In the middle of the week, your well-being will depend on your activity, try not to skip workouts. When the Sun is in Leo, it is easy to decide on a dream come true. The weekly love horoscope for Sagittarius thinks that you are in good shape, but you can work on your figure a little more.

On weekends, Sagittarius are full of strength and energy: they feel great. The Moon in Leo intensifies the thirst for action, the desire for the impossible. If you want to maintain good spirits for a long time, grab your loved one and go for a walk in the forest. And at the same time teach him breathing exercises.

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