Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: A romantic trip will be successful, according to the love horoscope the fourth week of June is ideal for traveling together. Joint rest brings together, contributes to the establishment of warm relations. If this is not possible, at least for a couple of days, run away from everyone and have fun.

For butterflies to flutter in the stomach, Sagittarius must be a little bit loose. Due to the influence of Venus in Gemini, the first days of the week will be "hot", you will be unusually sexy and attractive. Give out your energy, use any ways to diversify your intimate life.

For family gatherings, the middle of the week is the best time. When the Sun is in Cancer, it is easy to achieve rapport with loved ones. The weekly love horoscope for Sagittarius believes that you should discuss all the important issues. Gather the family around the table and have an informal conversation.

On weekends, Sagittarius are full of strength and energy: they feel great. The Moon in Leo intensifies the thirst for action, the desire for the impossible. If you want to maintain good spirits for a long time, grab your loved one and go for a walk in the forest. And at the same time teach him breathing exercises.

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