Sagittarius Weekly Love Horoscope

May 29 – June 4: A romantic trip will be successful, according to the love horoscope, the final week of May is favorable for travel. To bring some newness to your relationship, take an unplanned vacation. If this is not possible, at the beginning of June surprise your loved one with an unusual date.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a partner, Sagittarius must listen to intuition: the beginning of the week will be shrouded in mysticism. The influence of Venus in Cancer awakens the sixth sense, makes you think irrationally. Logic is powerless against love, listen to your heart — feel free to write the script of your relationship.

Charm, jokes, laughter are the secret to your mid-week success. When the Sun is in Gemini, it is not customary to be quiet. The weekly love horoscope for Sagittarius thinks you can flirt a little. If you do not notice small pleasures, life will cease to be enjoyable.

To gain a boost of vivacity, Sagittarius needs a change of impressions on weekends. The Moon in Sagittarius favors travel. If you can’t get away from home for a long time, take a short trip. You will probably come across a good travel companion, the acquaintance may continue.

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