Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

May 23-29: Amorous mirages are deceptive, the love horoscope for the fourth week of May warns against disappointment. Having lost control of feelings, you can destroy a strong relationship. Try to soberly assess the situation, before making a final decision, take a long pause.

At the beginning of the week, Scorpio can afford to be sybarite: there is no need to waste energy on trifles. Venus in Aries patronizes people who are able to set clear goals for themselves. Do not rush to embrace the immensity, take a break from work: arrange a picnic for two in a picturesque place.

Having talked to the chosen one in the middle of the week, you will learn a lot about yourself: the Sun in Gemini creates a trusting atmosphere. The weekly love horoscope for Scorpio advises to bring a partner to revelations. Hidden feelings will burst out sooner or later, do not let yourself be caught by surprise.

To arrange a personal life, Scorpios will be extremely suave at the end of the week. The Moon in the sign of Taurus gives a feeling of psychological security. Meet, establish new relationships — the atmosphere is conducive to communication. Do not be afraid to drop your reputation, it is impeccable.

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