Scorpio Weekly Love Horoscope

March 27 – April 2: In your personal life, pleasant events await you, the love horoscope for the fourth week of March promises luck in cupid affairs. Dating, flirting — everything around is disposed to romance. The aroma of love spills in the air, you just have to give vent to your imagination, the relationship will sparkle with new colors.

Scorpio’s touchiness can become a hindrance in a relationship; emotions should be controlled from the first days of the week. Venus in Taurus gives stability and healthy optimism. Switch from your problems to your partner, surround him with attention: a romantic date will melt the ice in your relationship.

In the middle of the week, you can do everything: household chores will not tire, on the contrary, they will cause a surge of inspiration. Under the Sun in Aries, you want to act, go forward all the time. The weekly love horoscope for Scorpio assumes that you can do the housework in no time. There will still be strength for personal matters.

The arrogance of free Scorpios at the end of the week will play against themselves. The Moon in the sign of Leo inflames conceit, makes you think selfishly. If a stranger smiled at you, do not rush to build a squeamish grimace. Perhaps at this moment you are depriving yourself of a happy future.

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