Taurus Weekly Love Horoscope

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May 10-16: Spring excites blood, the love horoscope for the second week of May does not exclude a passionate romance. Lonely hearts will be happy to change their status on social networks: if you finally managed to find happiness, let the whole world know about it. Couples will have to courageously resist the temptations. In the first days of the week it will be difficult, under the influence of Venus in Gemini, Taurus will start an office romance. Study, business trip, a new project at work — the spark can break out anytime, anywhere. Try not to advertise your relationship so as not to fall under the gun of judgmental views.

Sexual coldness will interfere with the development of relationships. In the middle of the week, the novelty of sensations is necessary: under the Sun in Taurus, you want to enjoy the joys of life. In order not to bore your partner, the weekly love horoscope for Taurus advises to turn an intimate meeting into something fun. Taking care of their figure, Taurus on weekends overdo it with loads. Under the Moon in the sign of Cancer, it is easy to fall under the influence of others. If you are unhappy with your physical condition, do not rush to actively get down to business. Do not try to fit yourself to beauty standards, play sports for pleasure.

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