Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

October 25-31: Questions of a personal nature will be solved easily, according to the love horoscope, the fourth week of October will be successful for you. You are in top shape, full of energy and enthusiasm — it’s time to act. Do not follow the beaten path, look for new opportunities, surprise your partner with your creativity.

At the beginning of the week, everyday problems that have been bothering Virgo in recent times will be unexpectedly resolved. Venus in Sagittarius focuses on family relationships, the importance of the hearth increases. The purchases will be successful, the interior ideas will be fresh: your apartment will become beautiful and cozy.

Luck in amorous affairs is a feature of the middle of the week: you will be satisfied. The Sun in Scorpio helps in solving material problems. If you yearn for your chosen one, the weekly love horoscope for Virgo advises you to immediately fly to him on the wings of happiness — the details will settle by themselves.

At the end of the week, Virgo may be expecting a storm — a loved one will show character. With the Moon in Leo, there is an increased need for attention. If you feel like your other half is on edge, hush up the delicate topic. Take a break, talk about something enjoyable, like talking about a vacation.

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