Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

October 2-8: Restrain your impulses, the love horoscope for the first week of October warns against impulsive actions. Showing insolence, you will not achieve anything, especially in splendid isolation. Strive for mutual trust: With the support of your partner, you can resist any adversity.

To discover something new in her chosen one, Virgo only needs to tease him a little: the beginning of the week will not be languid and boring. Venus in the sign of Leo awakens bestial passion, desire for pleasure. Provocative outfit, sensual dance — immerse yourself in a world of endless pleasure.

Expectations of love will not be deceived, a casual acquaintance in the middle of the week will grow into something more. The Sun in Libra teaches us to accept people as they are. The weekly love horoscope for Virgo promises: you will hear the ringing of wedding bells. Do not reject the timid advances of a new acquaintance.

On the weekend, all thoughts of Virgos will be occupied with personal experiences. The Moon in Cancer helps to establish contact with loved ones. If you are in a fight, don’t waste time on negativity, ask your partner out on a date. Come up with something unusual, let your meeting take place in a warm, slightly sentimental atmosphere.

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