Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

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July 26 – August 1: Don’t let gossip ruin your privacy, the love horoscope for the fourth week of July warns against quarrels. Married couples may be on the verge of divorce due to the machinations of ill-wishers. Avoid categorical statements and unnecessary conversations, do not jeopardize your relationship.

To discuss financial issues, Virgo should choose a better time than the first days of the week. Under the influence of Venus in Virgo, information can be perceived negative. You will still have time to deal with the family budget, do not rush to reduce debit to credit: true love has no price.

Being trapped in emotions in the middle of the week, you can lose your head. The Sun in Leo dulls the critical view of things. The weekly love horoscope for Virgo believes that online dating is not the best form of communication. Invite your partner to meet live to get to know him better.

Virgos will be willing to go to great lengths to get a good dose of the experience. The Moon in Taurus enhances the ability to concentrate: difficult tasks are easy to solve. Do not miss the chance to see something new, go to a museum, to a concert — a fateful acquaintance can happen anywhere.

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