Virgo Weekly Love Horoscope

May 16-22: On the personal front, everything is ambiguous, according to the love horoscope in the third week of May, an amorous mood will reign. Flirtation and coquetry are welcome, you can win over any person. However, new connections will bring nothing but problems and disappointments, it is better to lie low.

The beginning of the week is a great time for Virgo to start living in a new way. Under the influence of Venus in Aries, a note of recklessness may appear in your thoughts. If the relationship has lost its edge, try to cheer up your partner. Trust your instincts, openly demonstrate your sensuality.

Do not interrupt sports in the middle of the week: the Sun in the sign of Taurus helps to increase the body’s capabilities. The weekly love horoscope for Virgo thinks that you are in great physical shape. Continue to work on yourself at the same pace — compliments are guaranteed.

At the end of the week, Virgos will show interest in herbal medicine. With the Moon in Aquarius, any load is difficult, you can not overexert yourself. Give up strong alcohol, replace tonic drinks with herbal teas. Use coriander as a seasoning to stimulate appetite and passion.

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