Mayan Horoscope: Earth

Mayan Name: NOJ / Caban.

Meaning: Earth, Earthquake, Movement.

Element: Earth.

Direction: East.

Compatibility: Earth, Crocodile, Serpent, Water, Reed.

In the Mayan calendar, the Earth Day (Caban) is one of the most controversial names for signs. The meaning of the sign is the earth, the rainbow, the patron is the young goddess of the Earth and the Moon Ichkhel. The Caban sign in literal translation means "earth", the ancient Maya interpreted it as an "earthquake." This is not just a phenomenon of nature, but a symbol of the movement of life. There is a second meaning of the sign — knowledge, Maya connects it with mental activity, the thought process. The smoke of the incense reaches the heavens, like the wise thoughts of man. The sign Earth symbolizes the human mind, its creative power, whose pressure corresponds to the powerful energy of the earthquake.

Earth Character by Mayan Horoscope

According to the horoscope of Maya people of the Earth sign are great dreamers and dreamers. They are full of energy, rejoice at every new day. Deprived of feelings of envy, do not seek wealth. They are satisfied with the smallest, do not like to load themselves and surrounding people with unnecessary problems. If there is no possibility to go on an exotic journey, they will be happy to spend time at the dacha. They believe that it is important to go through the life path with dignity, without overshadowing it with negative thoughts and unseemly acts. They prefer to lead a modest way of life, do not want to be a public person. Among the representatives of this sign are very few known personalities, but many happy people.

The horoscope of work characterizes the person of the sign Earth as a good specialist, but by no means a careerist. Does not consider it necessary to sacrifice one’s interests even for the sake of a loved one. People of this sign lack persistence, will power to keep a clear schedule, so they often choose a profession that assumes a free way of life: an artist, an actor, a designer, a director. Rich imagination, imagination, sincerity, spontaneity are the components of success in the creative field. Carefully hide their doubts and feelings, sensitive to criticism. They prefer to postpone the solution to the problem until the last, they accumulate grievances and as a result of this behavior — a scandal arising spontaneously in the workplace.

According to the love horoscope, the emotional people of the Earth sign are frivolous, unfaithful partners. Enjoy life in all its manifestations, try to get unforgettable sensations. Therefore, it is easy to make new acquaintances, usually short-term, which are not binding. But over time, they begin to appreciate family relationships. According to the compatibility horoscope, representatives of the Earth sign are approached by responsible, serious people, indulgently referring to violent emotional outbursts. Living with them is a bright adventure, for the sake of which you can reconcile yourself with the peculiarities of their character.

Earth Man

Mayan horoscope characterizes the man of the sign Earth as an energetic person, full of life plans. Fountains of ideas, he knows a lot of interesting stories, which he presents in his characteristic easy manner of joker and merry fellow. Women like to be in the company of such a pleasant interlocutor. But family life with him is fraught with unpleasant surprises — novels on the side. A creatively gifted person does not strive for a successful career, the most important thing for him is inner sensations. Perfectly feels, living the life of an ordinary employee.

Earth Woman

A beautiful, effective woman of the Earth sign is not deprived of the attention of men. Attracts the opposite sex of his sensuality, spontaneity, causes a desire to protect and protect. But too close to the heart of the smallest trouble, deeply going through them. Tries to look calm, collected, but internal fears spill out in attacks of aggression towards close people. Fortunately, this behavior is a rarity. According to the horoscope of Maya, the woman of this sign is lucky in all matters, she is worthily passing her way of life.

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