April 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

The energies that emanate from Aries begin to lose their intensity. Why? Because they are replaced by those from Taurus. As a result, the atmosphere is quieter and more prone to realism. People will be more demanding and more difficult to convince. This month, expect to have a little less ease and more challenges! All month long, you will have to negotiate with the stubbornness of Mercury in Taurus. From the 22nd, with Mercury in retrograde you will be confronted with his categorical refusal of novelty. Instead of giving up on your cause, Mars asks you to persevere while waiting for better days. Take the opportunity to see the details that you missed and that are, perhaps, the source of these inconveniences.

Aquarius: Love in General April 2023

Aquarius: The vise is tightening. Do not think that the sky is out to get you. This is not what it is. If you want your loves to maintain their well-being, you will have to make some small concessions. How? By not claiming your independence all the time!

Aquarius: In a relationship April 2023

Aquarius: You are a shifting in the wind and this is going to be blamed on you! You can argue, but alas, it may amplify the phenomenon. Instead of trying to convince your other half, be more present. If you can, show them your love.

Aquarius: Single April 2023

Aquarius: Your charm is always wonderful, but for the meetings to go further, you will have to make some adjustments. Consider the wishes of the people you meet. This will save you from finding yourself alone.

Aquarius: Career / Finance April 2023

Aquarius: This month, your friend Jupiter in Aries shows you what he can do. So if you want things to turn in your favor, now is the time to seize the opportunity. Aquarius, do not try to convince conservative minds of the merits of your ideas. Instead, go to those who share your ideals and are ready to give you that much-needed boost. On the financial side, this sector can leak without a rational explanation. So, instead of looking elsewhere, plug the gaps and get back to life as quickly as possible.

Aquarius: Monthly Advice April 2023

Aquarius: This month, Uranus is ready to give you an ultimatum. To avoid it, temper your independence. Consider the ideas of others even if you find them archaic.

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