April 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

Although they are less numerous, the energies that come from Aries are still active. With Mars, which is in your sign, the emotional reactions of others and of yourself are exacerbated. You feel overwhelmed without understanding why. To keep up, you have the support of the energies that circulate in Taurus. They help you stay calm when the pressure rises several notches. They provide you with courage and tenacity that saves you from making decisions based on the wrong reasons. Mercury in retrograde from the 22nd, encourages you to put the contrarieties into perspective and understand their meaning. Not far from here, Saturn in Pisces urges you to exploit your gifts so that you have a life-saving escape.

Cancer: Love in General April 2023

Cancer: The energies that emanate from Taurus and Mars advise you not to tempt the devil if you want to have peace. Although it seems difficult to you, hold your impatience and do not put pressure. For the moment, enjoy the present without asking yourself a thousand questions.

Cancer: In a relationship April 2023

Cancer: This sector of your life is under pressure, but that's no reason to put your relationship in jeopardy. Leave your worries on the doorstep and enjoy the joys of your union.

Cancer: Single April 2023

Cancer: Until the 11th, with Venus in Taurus, your loves present themselves well. Alas, with Venus in Gemini, all this can be put on hold. Do not become demoralized! Use Mercury to keep in touch and deepen your bonds.

Cancer: Career / Finance April 2023

Cancer: By nature, you find it challenging to overcome the energies of Aries. This month, with Mars in your sign, it's worse. Cancer, contrary to what you think, you are perfectly capable of achieving your ambitions. So don't take everything to heart. Relativize and put things into perspective. In doing so, you will see that you have made good progress and that things are going quite well. On the financial side, daily life is assured. All is well. On the other hand, it is on the more substantial expenses that it gets a little stuck. Take this into account instead of obscuring reality.

Cancer: Monthly Advice April 2023

Cancer: Instead of suffering the worst, take the opportunity to take stock of your feelings, your wishes, and the meaning of the hazards that arise without warning.

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