April 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

In turn, the energies that come from Aries enliven the sector of your projects and your friendships. Your mind is receptive to novelty and change. Without doing it on purpose, you attract people to you. Your way of being and your sense of purpose instantly create sympathy. In this hectic climate, you feel good. You are firing on all fronts! Therefore, you have a thousand and one ideas at a time. However, if you want all these benefits to serve your interests and your projects, you will have to be practical. Also, it would be nice if you put some limits in place. This may seem like an imposition, but by being a little more reasonable, you will avoid disappointment.

Gemini: Love in General April 2023

Gemini: This sector is maintained by your talent for diversion when problems arise. From the 12th, your charm works wonders. Your company is nice and sought after. However, although you are in a whirlwind of seduction that satisfies you, you may feel a sense of loneliness.

Gemini: In a relationship April 2023

Gemini: Your projects or your friendships could grab your attention more than reason. In return, your other half may feel a little lonely and let you know. How? By shutting you out in silence to catch your attention.

Gemini: Single April 2023

Gemini: This month, you multiply the meetings! However, if you want one of them to move towards stability, you will have to take the lead. How? Do not forget to send small messages from time to time!

Gemini: Career / Finance April 2023

Gemini: By nature, you like change because routine bores you. Alas, you have to work with Saturn, who considerably slows down your advance. On the worst days, you may feel that you are on the sidelines. Gemini, luck continues to smile on you, so take advantage of it instead of trying to dodge what doesn't suit you. On the financial side, behind appearances, there is a tender heart that does not hesitate to please. If you want to avoid getting your head underwater, set a limit and don't exceed it under any circumstances.

Gemini: Monthly Advice April 2023

Gemini: You get along very well with people and with your entourage. However, if you want to keep good relationships, take the lead from time to time!

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