April 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Jupiter in Aries continues to expand your field of action. It offers you opportunities that allow you to express your gifts or your knowledge. If you feel like you're at a standstill this feeling will disappear. The lucky star offers you, if you agree, to change your situation or a sector of your life. So that all this is done in the best conditions, you will have to contend with the energies, a little obtuse, which emanate from Taurus. Between the 1st and the 30th, it is mainly with Mercury that you will have to negotiate! Its retrograde, starting on the 22nd, causes delays. Instead of shouting, take the opportunity to think. Study what is offered to you carefully. In your exchanges, be diplomatic and they will lead to an agreement.

Leo: Love in General April 2023

Leo: From the 12th, with Venus in Gemini, your loves find this cheerfulness that makes them pleasant to live. For this idyllic climate to continue, temper your possessiveness. In small doses, it is flattering, however, when it manifests itself for nothing, it becomes stifling.

Leo: In a relationship April 2023

Leo: Your relationship finds its agreement and its bearings. Venus in Gemini changes your ideas through your social circle and entertainment. However, the exchanges can be still tense, because some difficulties remain to be solved.

Leo: Single April 2023

Leo: From the 12th, Venus comes into contact with Jupiter. It gives you the opportunity to meet someone who is out of the ordinary. Everything is beautiful, provided you are open to what you have not planned.

Leo: Career / Finance April 2023

Leo: Luck smiles on you, and opportunities are coming out of nowhere. Leo, the sky grants your wish! So now is not the time to focus on what's wrong! Instead, see all the benefits available to you. As for the people who annoy you with their ideas, try to understand them. In doing so, you will find that they are not wrong and that their point of view is exciting and worth exploring. On the financial side, this sector is doing well. But it is possible that your expectations will not be met. So, before considering that your interlocutor is stingy, read the fine print carefully.

Leo: Monthly Advice April 2023

Leo: Pay attention to your obstinacy. Use it wisely and when necessary take breaks. They will inspire you to deepen your ideas and those of others.

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