April 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

Although the transfer of Pluto to Aquarius puts you at odds with today's society, your existence is finding its bearings. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are passing your sign this month. Linked to the energies that emanate from Pisces and Cancer, they help you get things back on track. Mercury's retrograde from the 22nd encourages you to take an interest in a project that has remained unresolved. It encourages you to deepen your thoughts so that you can achieve your ambitions. This month, you are in a universe that suits you and is in line with your convictions. The exchanges resume with those who had taken their distance. People who have esteem for you reappear in your social circle.

Taurus: Love in General April 2023

Taurus: With Saturn in the vicinity, you are looking for a stable relationship. Your loves must give meaning to your existence. You know what you want and what you do not want anymore. You are more demanding. In return, you are willing to give the best of yourself.

Taurus: In a relationship April 2023

Taurus: With Venus, you will find a smile. With Mercury, you get out of your silence. Mars encourages you to make decisions that aim to strengthen ties. If you made a promise, now is the time to keep it.

Taurus: Single April 2023

Taurus: The past is moving away. You are more and more available to have a beautiful meeting. It is through your social circle that this will happen this month. Now is the time to accept invitations and suggestions for outings.

Taurus: Career / Finance April 2023

Taurus: Things are starting to turn around. You are more comfortable, and you feel at home. Your decisions are right, and your professional entourage appreciates them. However, you may again be faced with the problem that gave you a hard time. Taurus, you hang on to your useful old-fashioned methods, and it succeeds. But this time, accept some changes, because they are necessary for your evolution. On the financial side, this sector is still doing just as well, even if you say the opposite, only not to attract lust.

Taurus: Monthly Advice April 2023

Taurus: The stars are favorable for a part of your life to make a fresh start. It's time to put the past away and move on.

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