Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

A momentous month has arrived for you in November, Aquarius. With so much planetary activity bustling about in your solar tenth house, professional matters shine like jewels on your crown!

A new moon in this arena awakens on November 4, opening the doorway for you to reach higher toward your ambitions. A promotion, award, recognition, or new job could appear. Also, with the sun, Mercury, and Mars adding weight to this sphere throughout most of the month, you’re likely hard at work smashing your goals and taking no prisoners. Your ambitions are on fire, and you’re ready to show the world why you’re never second best.

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If you’re out of work, this is an excellent time to hustle to find another opportunity. If you are not on the right career path, it will be especially noticeable as you run into dead ends everywhere. Use this as a cosmic reality check to reassess your goals and move in a new direction.

Next, a powerful lunar eclipse arrives on the nineteenth, spotlighting your domestic sphere. Many Aquarians may move, renovate, or repair their living space near this time. This same eclipse could also reveal a destined shift regarding family, especially a major situation around parents. This is the first of four eclipses in this sector that will echo out over the next two years. No matter what appears, do your best to handle it rapidly so you have a firmer sense of stability beneath your feet. You’ve got this, Aquarius.

Standout days: 2, 4, 20
Challenging days: 10, 13, 19

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