Aries Monthly Horoscope

July asks you to nurture your dreams and emotions, dear Aries, as the sun continues its journey through Cancer and your solar fourth house.

These sentiments will be exaggerated beginning on July 4, when your ruling planet Mars enters Taurus, bringing a stabilizing energy that inspires you to invest in yourself and your goals.

July Premium HoroscopeWe are not going to lie, the month ahead comes with its fair share of intense aspects! July is a month that will keep you on your toes.

Meanwhile, Mercury enters Cancer on that same day, allowing you to see your agenda and the path ahead with more clarity. These vibes are also great for bringing more organization to your space, especially if you’re prone to losing items or collecting clutter.

Venus enters Cancer on the seventeenth, encouraging you to open your heart over the next several weeks. This planetary placement can also help you connect with that special someone in new and intimate ways, though you’ll need to be transparent about your feelings to reap these rewards. Date nights in the comfort of your abode will be particularly successful, especially if you cook your beloved something extra special. Since Venus rules aesthetics, you might also be inspired to redecorate your home or, at the very least, add a few new accent pieces.

While you’ll likely gravitate toward staying in most nights during the first part of the month, a shift manifests when the sun enters fiery Leo on July 22. This luminary placement can light a fire within you as the Universe pushes you to embrace your creative side and seek fun. Be sure to plan plenty of nights out with your best buds, since spending time with your nearest and dearest is a sure to fulfill your soul.

Standout days: 6, 18, 27
Challenging days: 1, 8, 26

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