August 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

This month, the difficulties are spread evenly. Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus restricts your room for maneuver. As for the Sun and Venus in Leo, they oppose the fulfillment of your desires. These hazards are intended to push you to an awareness. That done, you will see more clearly. This month, if you agree, you can mitigate the complications that are generated by these astral dissonances. How? At first, do not criticize opinions that are too conservative. Instead, change the way you think. Act while taking into account the fears of those around you, or even better, show yourself reassuring. That done, accept the help of others, because despite your boundless energy, you can not do everything alone.

Aquarius: Love in General August 2023

Aquarius: Since the departure of Mercury, the exchanges are more conciliatory. You are more inclined to discussion and understanding. In contrast, Venus in retrograde creates turbulence. This month, what is beautiful puts your independence in question. It encourages you to reconcile yourself with the virtues of commitment.

Aquarius: In a relationship August 2023

Aquarius: A distance settles between you and your partner. If you want, you can create a reconciliation. How? By daring to declare your feelings in a way that is certainly not very original, but which has been proven to work.

Aquarius: Single August 2023

Aquarius: Meeting and exchanging ideas is no problem. However, as soon as the feelings interfere, it gets complicated. This month, you can pick up an idyll, but only if you give of yourself.

Aquarius: Career / Finance August 2023

Aquarius: What is offered to you does not suit you? It's the same for your business. Your professional universe and its actors seem narrow, dull, and cautious. Although this sector is indeed a spoiler, it has the merit of ensuring daily life. Besides, it gives you some security. So before you decide on a whim, think about the consequences it will trigger. On the financial side, this sector is holding back your momentum. You have to be economical, budget and stick to it. At first glance, these prospects may offend you, but they will prove to be very beneficial.

Aquarius: Monthly Advice August 2023

Aquarius: Do not back away from feelings and get involved a little more. This will not challenge your independence, but it will greatly enhance your relationships with others.

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