August 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

The dissonances of Saturn complicate your life, and Mars in Virgo amplifies this phenomenon. This month, you are downright stuck. For the moment, your goals are inaccessible, but that does not mean that they are unfeasible. If you want to achieve your goals, Mars encourages you to act with order and method. Mercury, who is also in Virgo, requires you to give importance to details. As for Saturn, he whispers to you that it is with time that you will reach your goal. Instead of forcing fate or events, use the energies that come from Leo. Get in touch with your colleagues, your friends, and your loved ones. Expose your ideas and listen to those of others. On the 28th, with the transfer of Mars to Libra, the situation settles down.

Gemini: Love in General August 2023

Gemini: Your field of action is pleasant, but a little restricted. Things are still struggling to evolve. This month, take the opportunity to go out and meet people. See your friends. Accept invitations and go on weekend trips or holidays. At the end of the month, the blockages dissipate.

Gemini: In a relationship August 2023

Gemini: Although you might find the atmosphere a killjoy have the wisdom to stay reasonable. Venus favors your relationship with your other half. She encourages you to spend time together in a setting that is conducive to declarations of love and happy times.

Gemini: Single August 2023

Gemini: Venus promotes and encourages dating and flirting. Where? With friends or on vacation. For things to go further, wait until the end of the month. In the meantime, show yourself in your best light.

Gemini: Career / Finance August 2023

Gemini: Although the period is favorable for rest and idleness, this sector worries you. You have the feeling that nothing is moving in the right direction. On the worst days, you perceive that the situation is blocked. Since a problem never happens alone, critical spirits tell you what to do. Alas, their advice does not resonate with you. Do not worry. A friend will make you an exciting proposition. On the financial side, daily life is assured, but on the other hand, if you plan to embark on a significant investment, take the time to think about the questions.

Gemini: Monthly Advice August 2023

Gemini: For the moment, the stars in Leo improve your daily life. Therefore, trying to change things is premature. Wait while changing your ideas.

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