August 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Although the dissonances that emanate from Taurus put you in the driver's seat, the Sun in Leo pushes you to aim high and far. You do not let them down! You continue to undertake with that logic and intelligence that characterize you. Without doing it on purpose, you know how to put yourself forward when the opportunity arises. You manage to reassure the most conservative minds. Although it's more complicated than usual, you take on challenges with panache! At the end of the month, the transfer of Mars in Libra gives you a little help that will be welcome. The only shadow on the board is Venus in Leo. A retrograde is not a curse, but as you are particularly concerned, do not force things. Wait until things regain their senses.

Leo: Love in General August 2023

Leo: The euphoria and success of past weeks are being replaced by uncertainties. Your loves will go through a period of uncertainty. You might be tempted to force things. Alas, this would not produce the desired effects. Take the opportunity to take stock of your feelings and your desires.

Leo: In a relationship August 2023

Leo: You take care of your other half. However, the effects are less spectacular than the previous weeks. So, you might be disconcerted and try to do even more. Alas, that would make you seem stuffy, just let things happen.

Leo: Single August 2023

Leo: You no longer need to prove your success. However, you take one step forward and two steps back. An indefinable feeling prevents you from following up on a date. At the end of the month, with Mars in Libra, you pull yourself together.

Leo: Career / Finance August 2023

Leo: The development of this sector worries you because you feel that someone hampers it. Suddenly, it puts you in a bad mood. Leo, don't see evil everywhere! Although obstacles stand before you, they are not intended to make you miserable, but to push you to surpass yourself! So stop shouting and take on the challenges we send you. On the financial side, before declaring that you are broke, check the state of your accounts. By doing so, you will find that you are mainly free from want.

Leo: Monthly Advice August 2023

Leo: If you find that your desires are facing unusual slowness, do not force anything. Take advantage of this pause imposed by Venus to take stock of your feelings.

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