August 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

Ouch! The planets play with your nerves, their contradictory impulses leave you perplexed, each time a situation escapes you; you lose control. You have a lot of trouble getting off your day. The stars throw the veil on your projects, you go in all directions; you have trouble straightening the bar. Fortunately, between the 12 and the 17, everything works out, you find your mind; you get confidence. Summer is here to put a little cheerfulness in your heart and it works! You understand that taking a step back is necessary. Holidays or weekends you must absolutely decompress. Give yourself long breaks, enjoy the sun, forget the constraints of everyday life; make room for novelty.

Pisces: Love in General August 2022

Pisces:You're asking for attention and a little tenderness, what's going on? If you have the impression that you are forgotten, it is only a bad impression, besides your relatives bring you the proof by testifying to you their love and their affection. You are sometimes demanding and uncompromising, it is only a facade. This summer you melt like snow in the sun.

Pisces: In a relationship August 2022

Pisces:As a couple, sensitivity and complicity are your allies all the month of August. The reports are far from boring, you are overflowing with ideas, between the projects of holidays and the projects of the future you have something to do. You rejoice in the moments you spend with two. You are very in love.

Pisces: Single August 2022

Pisces:This is a nice time for our single friends; the month of August is full of twists. You are romantic, you seek love without really looking for it; you are convinced that if it is to come to you, it will be at the right moment. Around the 21st, open your eyes wide.

Pisces: Career / Finance August 2022

Pisces: Your decisions and initiatives are right. What you do is wonderfully successful. This month, although the trend is toward vacation and relaxation, your work is being highlighted. Your talents are recognized and appreciated. However, some people may be annoyed by this and make you understand this. Don't take these words or attitudes at face value because everything will fall into place naturally. On the financial side, Jupiter does not take vacations, and it continues to make money for you in circumstances that are sometimes unexpected. Enjoy it!

Pisces: Monthly Advice August 2022

Pisces:Organize outings with friends, lovers or family is essential to your personal growth. If at the beginning of the month the planets lead you hard, little by little, you find your energy. You take your head out of the water.

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