August 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

You continue to evolve in a comfortable atmosphere. Uranus and Jupiter continues to promote your success and expansion while preserving your achievements. You can seize the opportunities that will arise because they will have no adverse effects. As for Saturn, it gives you the time you need to do things. On the other hand, the opposition of Mars and Mercury in Virgo can disturb you more than reason. Beware of excessive discouragement and also untimely runaways. For this aspect to be profitable for you, find the right balance. Do not overestimate your strengths, because they are not inexhaustible. So when the tensions are too strong, take a break. Also, do not take part in the polemics that will animate the conversations.

Pisces: Love in General August 2023

Pisces: Your attitude is a little distant and suggests that you are not determined to commit yourself. This can trigger surprising reactions and heated conversations. However, you can avoid them. How? By seeing the positive sides of life together instead of focusing on your constraints.

Pisces: In a relationship August 2023

Pisces: Criticism fuses in all directions. Alas, you are not determined to tackle a hot topic. At the end of the month, the most heated tensions subside. Therefore, you will be able to negotiate and find a compromise that will satisfy your other half.

Pisces: Single August 2023

Pisces: This month, you are likely to meet people who want to get involved. Before you start, think about whether you, too, want a serious relationship. This will save you from being in an embarrassing situation.

Pisces: Career / Finance August 2023

Pisces: Beneficial influxes preserve this sector. You can rest easy. On the other hand, it is your reactions and your decisions that you should be wary of. This month, external events are disturbing you, and they could lead you to make unwanted choices. So if you want to avoid making an unfortunate decision, take a step back from others' opinions. Trust your intuition and use your experience. On the financial side, it's the same fight! Do not follow the tastes of others but yours. By doing so, you will buy what suits you and what you like, not the other way around.

Pisces: Monthly Advice August 2023

Pisces: Your peace may be jeopardized. However, you can keep it. How? By finding a compromise that reassures your entourage and preserves your freedom.

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