Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Your ambitions are especially important to you in October, Capricorn. With mighty Mars bringing a surge of energy to your solar tenth house all month, you’re surely hard at work knocking out important milestones and projects in your professional life. Many awards, achievements, or opportunities could be presented to you at this time.

A chance to rise much higher in your industry could manifest in the days following the new moon on October 6, yet with Mercury retrograde in this same sphere until the eighteenth, it could be in regard to a previous opportunity or professional contact from the past. Mercury retrograde could certainly create some delays or confusion around your professional life this month, though, so it would be wise to postpone making any important decisions, launching any new endeavors, or signing any contracts until later in the month.

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Also, with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter taking their time to awaken, you could truly feel the speed of life quicken toward the end of October.

A full moon in your solar fourth house arrives on October 20, turning your attention away from work and toward home, family, or real estate matters. In the days surrounding this date, something could pop up and give you the chance to stand on steadier ground. Some Capricorns could be moving, fixing up your space, or renovating at this time. If for some reason a major family situation appears, use the energy of this lunation to step up and tackle it assertively.

Standout days: 2, 6, 8
Challenging days: 1, 18, 30

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