December 2021 Horoscope

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December 2021 will be filled with diversified and confusing tasks. It will be especially difficult for signs of the element of Water to cope with the continuous stream of new responsibilities. The patron saint of most of December will be Neptune, responsible for inspiration, concentration and composure. It will activate your mental and physical abilities, help you prioritize and guide you in the right direction. Listen to the voice of reason, and small problems will be solved by themselves, and from unpleasant situations you can gain valuable experience that will be useful to you in the future. The horoscope for the month of December recommends family representatives of fire signs to treat new friendships with caution. Especially if strangers are actively interested in your love life. Leave yourself the solution to all family troubles, so you will protect your family from bad advice from the outside.

The first decade of the month will bring you a lot of positive emotions. Relations with colleagues will improve, and there is an opportunity to receive a new romantic proposal from one of them. In this area, give a decisive voice to your heart — in the first days of December, a New Moon is expected, which will help to strengthen intuition. Perhaps you need these changes. Passing through the sign of Sagittarius, the Moon will take your thoughts away from earthly problems. During this period, the horoscope for December 2021 strongly discourages starting or continuing construction, repairing, or making purchases of household appliances. It is highly likely that you simply will not notice the flaw in the product or it will soon break. Also, be careful when entering into major financial transactions or buying jewelry.

Passing under the auspices of Venus, mid-December will awaken in you the desire for beauty. If you have the financial means, update your wardrobe a bit or purchase some decor items. The waxing moon will help you make a choice in favor of a modern and stylish solution. This is a good time for little pleasant surprises for your significant other. The most resourceful in matters of the heart will be representatives of the signs of Fire. Unusual and bold decisions will help refresh and re-energize your relationship. The horoscope reports that during this period the activity of Mars will be practically zero, but some moments of family life may require restraint from you. Ignore all provocations related to betting, gambling and financial investments in unfamiliar organizations.

The third decade of December will be the most difficult for all signs. Internal disagreements, which until now have not caused you any inconvenience, will flare up with renewed vigor. Pluto’s revolutionary influence, combined with the Moon in Capricorn, will push you to reckless actions. Your stubbornness and impetuosity can disrupt the order of affairs that you have established for so long before. The horoscope for December 2021 reports rash decisions and hot temper. The horoscope also warns of the danger of getting serious physical injuries and disorders of the nervous system. Protect yourself from major work activities, do the required minimum. Representatives of earth signs may have a strong desire for someone or something to control. The horoscope recommends in such cases to take on the organization of a simple holiday or cooking.

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