December 2022 Horoscope

This end of year is timely, for some signs of the zodiac is the time of the balance sheet. Place to change. During the first ten days of December we try to evacuate worries and difficulties, the holiday season approaching we leave the problems aside. For all, the second week is striking in terms of atmosphere, the family atmosphere is peaceful and reassuring, ties tighten; you will enjoy a great pleasure to be surrounded by your loved ones. This is the miracle of Christmas acting, each native is fulfilled, the planetary influences offer for each of beautiful satisfactions, whether personal or emotional. Around the 18th of December, the euphoria of the preparations for Christmas provides good energies, the time for gifts has come, it brings joy and happiness, we put the animosities in the closet, it's a great time, there's of generosity in the air. Good resolutions begin to sprout in people's minds. On December 20, Jupiter ends its short stay in Pisces that was caused by its retrogradation. Associated with Venus and Mercury in Capricorn, it gives a small boost to the signs of water and land. With Pluto and Uranus as reinforcements, those who need to change things will be delighted. As for those who wish to free themselves from a sclerosing situation, they will have the opportunity to do so. However, the signs of Virgo and Pisces may have some doubts, but if they see things objectively, they will make the best decision. As for the signs of air and fire, they will be delighted with the return of Jupiter to Aries which is scheduled for December 21st. With the precious help of Mars, which is still in Gemini, it will allow them to resume ongoing projects or relationships that have been put on hold. In this climate, which is promising for both sides, Saturn persists in Aquarius. Some may feel that things are not moving fast enough for them. And others will take the opportunity to structure their initiatives so that they are sustainable.

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