December 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

On the 5th, the setbacks dissipate thanks to the transit of Venus to Scorpio. Thanks to his energies, you evolve with an unusual determination. You feel the need to realize your ambitions. You feel an urge to accept what is proposed to you. You fully assume the support of people who have some power. So you have everything to succeed but you will have to fight against yourself. Why? Because between the 2nd and the 23rd, Mercury is in Capricorn and he has the tendency to make you doubt, once you have said something. This month, your success lies in your ability not to question what you have said or done. Especially from the 14th, when Mercury is in retrograde.

Cancer: Love in General December 2023

Cancer: Venus in Scorpio erases the doubts generated by her stay in Libra. It promises you strong relationships, based on sincere feelings. However, beware of Mercury anyway. Its natural coldness can leave you thinking that others are not as invested as you. This is just an impression.

Cancer: In a relationship December 2023

Cancer: Venus is a balm for your heart. You feel well. Alas, Mercury creates tension for trifles. If you want to end the year calmly, forget the topics that annoy you. You will not regret it.

Cancer: Single December 2023

Cancer: Venus makes you meet people who suit you. For everything to run smoothly, do not ask for proof of commitment right away. Wait serenely, especially from the 14th because Mercury in retrograde delays the news.

Cancer: Career / Finance December 2023

Cancer: This month, all the conditions are met for you to realize your aspirations. Luck smiles on you. People who have the power to help you do so with joy. In these circumstances, you have no reason to back off. Cancer, do not doubt your abilities or skills. For once, trust yourself and seize the chance that passes. That done, you will have all the time you need to organize yourself and think. On the financial side, a dull fear of running out of money can make you frantically cut back on all spending. Stay calm.

Cancer: Monthly Advice December 2023

Cancer: Absolute serenity does not exist. So, do not worry about the delays, the strange ideas, or the mood swings of others. Take them with relaxation and wait until they calm down.

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