December 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

Luck is always on your side and you intend to use it. However, the pace is less steady than last month. This month, your advance is supported by Mercury in Capricorn between the 2nd and the 23rd and by Venus in Scorpio from the 5th to the 29th. Thanks to these planetary energies, it is no longer the time to make decisions at a glance but to convince your partners. To succeed in this little prodigy, Mercury reinforces your personality. Associated with Venus, he encourages you to strengthen the bonds that connect you to those who have the power to help you. You end the year without major blockages. However, if you feel that sometimes you are going through moments of inaction, do not panic. Take the opportunity to take stock.

Capricorn: Love in General December 2023

Capricorn: Until the 4th, you have to make an effort. Then, with Venus in Scorpio, you go into a period of ease, which you love. This month, you are back in complete control of the situation. Without doing anything special, others know that they can count on you and your loyalty.

Capricorn: In a relationship December 2023

Capricorn: After a period of highs and lows, your relationship resumes its cruising speed. So it's time to talk again about projects that were set aside. Why? Because it will reassure your other half for several years.

Capricorn: Single December 2023

Capricorn: You could meet your soulmate. To succeed in this little wonder, you have nothing to do at all. And if you want, you can even talk to them about your latest business plan! This special someone will be charmed!

Capricorn: Career / Finance December 2023

Capricorn: Now is not the time to make decisions about anything. Instead, reflect on the work that has been done in recent times. Capricorn, although you are hyper-focused, take short breaks. Why? Because some files need to be worked out. People need to be informed in the aftermath of events. A project requires your attention so that it keeps going until next year. On the financial side, if you make your holiday purchases at the last moment, you will exceed your budget. So, instead of thinking about something on the 24th, think ahead.

Capricorn: Monthly Advice December 2023

Capricorn: This month, everything is successful. However, anticipate that there will be short periods of inaction. They are intended to encourage you to take stock to adjust your strategy.

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