December 2022 Horoscope: Capricorn

Planets set the stage this month, it seems like it's Christmas before the hour. You make room for carelessness. From December 6th the period is pleasant, concerning your obligations you decide to make a brake; it is a well-deserved rest, the rest of the body and the spirit. Lately you have become aware that your priorities have taken precedence over your family life, it has not been easy to accept. So you hit the table a lot, deciding to change all that. And if going back to basics seemed more right to you? Considering things differently certainly leads to some compromises but you remain very open to change. Showing some flexibility is significant for you.

Capricorn: Love in General December 2022

Capricorn: In love you are serene; you have no difficulty in accepting the choices of others. It is said of you that you externalize your feelings; you will try to prove the opposite. From the 7th you are available with the people you love, you make the choice of the heart. You could be very surprising, guaranteed effect.

Capricorn: In a relationship December 2022

Capricorn:Without falling into the excesses of passion and feelings, the relationship with your partner is good. There is complicity, harmony and a lot of respect in your relationship. You do not suffocate, each being respectful of the secret garden of the other.

Capricorn: Single December 2022

Capricorn:Single, getting more involved in the search for a soul mate would be a great idea. You are sometimes difficult, very often selective; you leave you very little luck. And if you dropped the barriers? Try, it can only work.

Capricorn: Career / Finance December 2022

Capricorn: The return of Jupiter to Pisces is in your best interests. The planet of luck and expansion offers you the means to take back the reins of your activity in your own personal way. However, you will have to deal with external contingencies. Under certain circumstances you will have to be accommodating to avoid offending certain sensitivities. After the 21st, if you feel that things get tough, stay relaxed. This is the only way to calm quarrelsome minds. On the financial side, after being on a dry diet, your finances are ready to get back on the right foot and in good shape.

Capricorn: Monthly Advice December 2022

Capricorn:If for certain choices you walk on eggshells is because you are still undecided; take your time if necessary. Drop prejudices, do what you feel good to do. Think about your personal goals.

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