December 2023 Horoscope: Leo

You receive the beneficial influxes of Mars and the Sun in Sagittarius. And, in a more sporadic way, Mercury also passes in this sign. These energies are positive, lucky and above all, they are very optimistic. If, last month, you were annoyed by events or by others, they will do you good. And most importantly, they encourage you to focus on what works for you. Although things are simpler, the expansion you want is always delayed by Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. This phenomenon is amplified by Venus in Scorpio between the 5th and the 29th. This month, the planets in Sagittarius offer you a break. They encourage you to stop struggling hard for things to move forward.

Leo: Love in General December 2023

Leo: With Venus in Scorpio, your loves can sink into unnamed complications. But you can avoid that. How? By gathering all your positive energies and using them in a good way. This month, as soon as your relationship turns stormy, take a happy initiative.

Leo: In a relationship December 2023

Leo: If you repeat the same grievances, you will not get out! This month, it is by being positive, relaxed, and caring that your relationship will overcome the small annoyances and hazards that will arise out of nowhere.

Leo: Single December 2023

Leo: This month, live thoroughly and indulge yourself. Above all, do not dwell on small setbacks. If you feel it's too complicated, do not worry! Move on without asking yourself a question.

Leo: Career / Finance December 2023

Leo: At the end of the year, take a break. Release the pressure that drives you. Forget for a while, the realization of your ambitions. By doing so, you will create a decompression airlock that will ease the tensions that hover over your head. Besides, it will encourage you to take positive initiatives that will, strangely, settle a situation that has been blocked for months. Happiness never comes alone. Some people will be more pleasant. On the financial side, daily life is assured, but when it comes to purchases that require significant funds, it is more complicated. Be patient.

Leo: Monthly Advice December 2023

Leo: Events and hazards make you negative. This state of mind will not take you far. On the other hand, reacting in a positive way will improve the course of things.

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