December 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

Your ascension is always favored by the energies that come from Taurus and Capricorn. They are no longer reinforced by Mars in Scorpio but by Venus who settles in this sign from the 5th to the 29th. Your will is deficient but your intuition is reinforced. It's your feelings that will be your best guides. Thanks to the support of your entourage, your existence takes a turn that will lead to more comfort. Alas, the dissonances that come from Sagittarius are reinforced by Mars until the 31st. It is against these energies that you will have to fight, if you really wish to obtain what you covet. To succeed in this little prodigy, favor the people who follow you for a long time and detach yourself from those who pull you down.

Pisces: Love in General December 2023

Pisces: The energies of Sagittarius have the tendency to make you lose control. Fortunately, Venus in Scorpio intervenes to put you back on the right path. This month, although the temptation is strong, resist external influences. Give preference to people who have their heads on their shoulders.

Pisces: In a relationship December 2023

Pisces: Your union is still disturbed by trifles that could put you in trouble. To avoid this, have the wisdom to partition your existence. Put your relationship in a bubble. In doing so, you will not have to worry any more.

Pisces: Single December 2023

Pisces: You meet different people because you live in opposite worlds. Before you decide, take the time to think about what you really want. This will prevent you from engaging in a relationship that would prove to be harmful.

Pisces: Career / Finance December 2023

Pisces: Jupiter still favors this sector. Its retrograde gives you time to organize yourself. So you don't have to panic more than is needed. However, you should be wary of the opinions of others, because unfortunately, they tend to make you make an unfortunate choice. Pisces, fighting is not in your DNA, but when the circumstances dictate it, you have to do so. So take your courage in both hands and dare to refuse what does not suit you. On the financial side, if you want to please someone, do it before December 27th, because this Full Moon disturbs your emotional discernment.

Pisces: Monthly Advice December 2023

Pisces: Your success lies in your ability to not go astray. This month, focus on people who share the same values as you. In doing so, everything will be fine.

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