December 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Mars is in your sign. It's the same thing for the sun from the 1st to the 22nd. As for Mercury, it makes an appearance in Sagittarius on the 1st and it settles on the 24th. These energies give you the means and the chances of starting again on the right foot. They push you to reclaim your darling freedom. Alas, Saturn is still here. Its mission is to avoid having you embark on adventures that would lead you into a dead end. So if you feel stuck, do not use force. Why? Because it is a sign that what you are offered does not suit you. However, as soon as everything starts in the right direction, understand that you will meet success at the end of the road.

Sagittarius: Love in General December 2023

Sagittarius: Feelings are not your concern. This subject brings back memories of the past that you want to forget. So, you are more flirtatious because you do not really want to be locked into a relationship. However, this could change at the end of the month.

Sagittarius: In a relationship December 2023

Sagittarius: This month, you move like the wind. You live as you please. So, to bring you back to the fold, your other half might use ploys. Do not take umbrage and understand that your presence is wanted at home.

Sagittarius: Single December 2023

Sagittarius: You are not ready to commit yourself. But it does not mean that you stay home, moping about the past. So, you multiply conquests and by a happy coincidence, love will surprise you!

Sagittarius: Career / Finance December 2023

Sagittarius: Alas, it is still laborious in this sector. Very reasonable planets stall you in tedious work, yes, but which brings you appreciable security. Although you are aware of this, this will not prevent you from trying to escape from this professional straitjacket. So if you find something else, that's fine. However, before you send everything out, make sure that what is being offered is stable and durable. On the financial side, from the 2nd, you reduce your energy. From the 14th, you become even more economical. It's okay, but be careful not to get stingy as it's not your type.

Sagittarius: Monthly Advice December 2023

Sagittarius: The stars let you regain your freedom but up to a certain limit. So do not try to overtake it if you want to avoid hitting a wall.

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