December 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

After being manhandled by the planets in Scorpio, you begin the month with a feeling of lightness. You are more inclined to the discussion. In your best days, you take life on the right side. You are almost optimistic! Alas, this happiness will be short-lived with the arrival of Venus in Scorpio, on the 5th. However, you can avoid falling into his tricks that have the tendency to make it difficult to live and convince. To succeed in this little prodigy, take risks and people with relaxation and lightness. Find charm in novelty. Accept that your entourage upsets your habits without complaining. If it hurts you, rest assured that these small changes will not last. Everything will return to order later.

Taurus: Love in General December 2023

Taurus: Between the 5th and the 31st, you will have to arrange with the dissonances of Venus in Scorpio. If you want to avoid finding yourself alone, temper your convictions! Do not cry high treason for trifles!

Taurus: In a relationship December 2023

Taurus: Venus creates good moments and unfortunately, complicated periods. These successive highs and lows will seem overwhelming. Some will have you think that your relationship is on the brink. Rest assured, things will not go that far.

Taurus: Single December 2023

Taurus: This month, dating is not a problem. However, if you want it to go further, it may be complicated. So, to avoid disappointment, do not force fate and stay zen, whatever happens.

Taurus: Career / Finance December 2023

Taurus: With Jupiter in retrograde in your sign, you can find the time long. Your projects take time to materialize. On the worst days, you have to improve them. However, these little setbacks are not intended to make you miserable, on the contrary. They help you plan and organize everything so that when the time is right, you are in perfect shape. So don't see evil everywhere. Keep smiling. On the financial side, if you have to make a decision that requires significant funds, check all the details. Feel free to be more picky than usual.

Taurus: Monthly Advice December 2023

Taurus: You must still support the energies of Scorpio. For everything to happen for the better, do not fall into his game. Stay back and show yourself to be detached.

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