December 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

With the energies that emanate from Taurus, Capricorn, and Scorpio, you feel at ease. You have the feeling of evolving in a world that suits you and understands you. Your relationships with your loved ones are based on strong and sincere bonds. You feel that you are on the right track and you are right. It is, therefore, in a pragmatic state of mind that you seize the opportunities that come within your reach. Unfortunately, the dissonances of Sagittarius associated with Saturn in Pisces create hazards and tensions. If you suffer, your progress will be compromised. On the other hand, if you understand their meaning, nothing will stop you. This month, your evolution lies in your ability to act despite obstacles.

Virgo: Love in General December 2023

Virgo: With Venus in Scorpio, your loves are pleasant and stable. You have the feeling of being surrounded by people who love you sincerely. Unfortunately, these joys are disturbed by external tensions. Use it to make liberating decisions instead of enduring them as fatalities.

Virgo: In a relationship December 2023

Virgo: While things are getting better between you two, external tensions are trying to sow discord. This month, you have a choice. You can confront them with relaxation or you ignore them coldly until they get bored.

Virgo: Single December 2023

Virgo: Venus plays matchmaker by creating a sincere connection with someone you know. If you want this idyll to evolve serenely, stay discreet about this new happiness. On the other hand, if you want to display it in broad daylight, be determined.

Virgo: Career / Finance December 2023

Virgo: This month, you continue to give your best, and it works out pretty well for you. You might have the feeling of holding on to the right end! Alas, the dissonances that emanate from Pisces and Sagittarius can restrain you with a sharp blow! Virgo, if you stall in front of the first obstacle, you will not go far! On the other hand, you bypass it with this intelligence that characterizes you. You will do wonders. On the financial side, buying trivial things is over. You go to the basics. You are more reasonable, and this is excellent news for your bank account.

Virgo: Monthly Advice December 2023

Virgo: The energies of Sagittarius have the tendency to put sticks in your wheel. If you want to avoid these inconveniences, stay discreet about your success and your victory.

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