February 2023 Horoscope: Aries

You are always supported by the energies that emanate from Jupiter in Aries and Mars in Gemini. In this favorable climate, your morale is good. You have ideas and projects under your wing! Until the 11th, you are chomping at the bit with impatience because the dissonance of Mercury puts sticks in your wheels! Blockages and delays disappear thanks to the passage from Mercury to Aquarius. From the 12th, what was complicated becomes simple. Your field of action opens to other perspectives and new people who are receptive to your ideas. Your projects have every chance of receiving the support they need to come to fruition. When it comes to matters of the heart, it is from the 21st that your loves find passion.

Aries: Love in General February 2023

Aries: Until the 20th, it's not joyful. Subtly, Venus pushes you to introspection. Instead of forcing things, take the time to meditate on your feelings and what fills you with happiness. From the 21st, the transfer of Venus in your sign gives you self-confidence.

Aries: In a relationship February 2023

Aries: A distance is created. Boredom can settle. Maybe your words have exceeded your thoughts. Instead of throwing oil on the fire, consider your other half's feelings and point of view. Arrange to meet their expectations.

Aries: Single February 2023

Aries: Subtly, Venus is upsetting your self-confidence. It pushes you to ask questions about your power of seduction or about someone's feelings. On the 21st, Venus in Aries puts an end to all bad moods.

Aries: Career / Finance February 2023

Aries: You're tuned in on all fronts. You meet lots of people. You have ideas every three seconds, but until the 11th, they are not unanimous. Do not get impatient, because then your ideas win all the votes. Why? Because you have the right relationship at the right time. In these circumstances, the month of February looks good for you, but on the condition that you show wisdom when necessary. On the financial side, your banker can encourage you to save money. Hear their message instead of challenging it on the pretext that it doesn't suit you.

Aries: Monthly Advice February 2023

Aries: You're on a roll! However, consider the emotions and feelings of others or those around you. You will save time instead of losing it.

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