February 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

The dissonances that emanate from Aquarius continues to hinder your evolution. This situation preys on your natural calm. You are annoyed. Around the 5th, the full moon that forms in Leo amplifies this phenomenon. At this moment, before making a hasty judgment, take the time to review the question. This month, do not listen to astral dissonances. Instead, be sensitive to the propositions that emanate from friendly planets. They encourage you to open up to other perspectives. They whisper to you that the impossible can become possible. Around the 20th, the new moon encourages your entourage to work hard to convince you. She assures you of her support and all her friendship, if you agree to push the boundaries of the possible.

Taurus: Love in General February 2023

Taurus: Until the 20th, Venus bats her eyes at you. She sets your loves in those feelings and pleasures you enjoy so much. In this climate, almost idyllic, you will find confidence in yourself and in the future. On the 21st, the atmosphere turns stormy unless you soothe your legendary possessiveness.

Taurus: In a relationship February 2023

Taurus: Until the 20th, you make the perfect love. Your other half is available for you. You feel loved. You swim in happiness. From the 21st, accept that your partner has a schedule or obligations.

Taurus: Single February 2023

Taurus: Venus does things well. She creates favorable circumstances for something good to happen with someone around you. If you want this idyll to project for the long-term, do not be too intrusive.

Taurus: Career / Finance February 2023

Taurus: Saturn continues to hold back your career. So, you think you're unlucky right now. While it's not entirely wrong, there is nothing you can do. Taurus, although it's not your habit, try to bring new ideas to the way you do things. By doing so, you will find that progress is good and can move forward quickly and effortlessly. On the financial side, a backlog can destabilize your budget. It is by remaining impassive that you will find an agreement that will settle everyone.

Taurus: Monthly Advice February 2023

Taurus: You do not like change. Everyone knows it. However, do not steer against evolution, because you badly need to find your smile.

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