February 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

This month, your tranquility is disturbed by the dissonances that emanate from Pisces and Gemini. These energies jostle your bearings. They try, by all means, to bring about changes in your well-organized existence. At first glance, you will be convinced that the sky and the stars want to sow disorder. If you want to take a closer look, you will find that finally, some small changes would do you crazy good. To succeed at this little prodigy, you will have to step back before rejecting a declaration of love or making a decision. This may require that you make a little effort, but it will save you from having regrets later on. Around the 20th, be extra-light, because the new moon is formed in Pisces.

Virgo: Love in General February 2023

Virgo: The energies of Pisces are trying to get a commitment from you. In return, it is likely that this prospect will make you lose control! Instead of putting yourself on the defensive, relax and think. This will help you find a positive compromise that will satisfy your wishes.

Virgo: In a relationship February 2023

Virgo: Your partner takes the reins of your relationship so that it evolves. This approach foreshadows some emotional turmoil. If you want peace between you two, agree to fulfill one of your spouse's requests.

Virgo: Single February 2023

Virgo: Your desire to meet someone to live a beautiful love story is confirmed. However, this is not a reason to embark on a plan that does not suit you in the long run. To avoid this, keep time for yourself.

Virgo: Career / Finance February 2023

Virgo: Although it is not very simple, better things come this month. Your work seems less complicated, but you do it with a little more optimism. However, you will likely find the time long and want a change. Unfortunately, what is offered does not entirely meet your expectations. Virgo, if you want things to change in this sector, see the benefits of what's on offer instead of bragging about what's wrong. On the financial side, if a purchase requires significant financing, luck is on your side. But that's no reason to abuse it. Promise?

Virgo: Monthly Advice February 2023

Virgo: Do not fall into excess, even if it's tempting. In each situation, find the right compromise so everyone finds something for them.

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