Gemini Monthly Horoscope

November could be especially busy for you, Gemini. With so much planetary power igniting your solar sixth house, you are likely firing on all cylinders. Happily, with your ruler Mercury leaving his post-shadow phase on November 2, you’re racing forward faster than ever.

The new moon in this sphere arrives on the fourth, opening a doorway in your work and employment life. If unemployed, this new moon can likely bring a new job opportunity to you. However, those already in a job could find more projects and responsibilities piled on your shoulders, especially with Mercury and Mars both adding their weight.

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Another way this could affect you is by turning your attention to health, fitness, and diet matters. If you’d like to make a new plan and get active, this is an auspicious period in which to do so.

Next, a lunar eclipse in your solar twelfth house of rest crackles through your unconscious on November 19. This could make you feel especially tired and burned out, so do your best to lie low, spend some time in solitude, or recuperate. This lunation could start a new theme around working with specialists who can aid your physical or mental health. Get ready to explore these themes significantly in the two years to come.

In the final third of the month, as the sun and Mercury dance into your solar seventh house, you’ll see a greater focus on your relationships. You can now begin to make plans for what you’d like to do in the remainder of the year.

Standout days: 2, 20, 30
Challenging days: 3, 10, 29

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