January 2022 Horoscope

The heavenly constellation of January 2022 disposes to intensive work and the implementation of plans that have long required attention. This is the time when two personal planets will be in retro motion at once – Venus ♀ and Mercury. The planet of love and beauty does not promise rapid progress in personal life, but speaks of the need to reconsider your views on previous relationships. The horoscope for January 2022 for all signs of the zodiac recommends putting things in order in everyday life, getting rid of unnecessary things. Mercury ☿ will require the ability to listen to yourself and find mutual understanding with others. It is useful to revise your social circle and get rid of unnecessary connections. In general, the month is charged for success, it is only important to correctly determine the strategy.

It is useful to direct the excess energy from the new moon 🌑 in the constellation Capricorn that coincided with the beginning of the year on planning and visualizing desires. Success awaits those who will be able to correctly use the solar aspect, which enhances determination, assertiveness and diligence. According to the horoscope, small trips out of town or long walks will be successful. Excellent opportunities for self-realization are promised by the conjunction of Venus with the Sun (January 9). Dare to show your talents and thereby win the recognition of others! Especially lucky in this earth and water signs. For representatives of the fire and air elements, the horoscope for a month recommends following the transit Mars ♂: success in promoting ideas will depend on the ability to act widely, openly and generously.

In the middle of the month, there is an increase in ambition and a desire to improve professional skills. However, it is not advisable to start important projects after the 16th, because Mercury will move backwards, creating various difficulties. At the same time, it is useful to free yourself from the constraining mental attitudes, to work on speech and communication style. The 🌕 full moon on January 18 in Cancer is characterized by excessive emotionality, leading to overwork. The horoscope for January for all signs advises to observe restraint and tact, without falling into coldness and neglect. It is helpful to increase self-discipline and awareness by separating the essential from the secondary. The craving for long-distance travel and the desire to transfer their knowledge is not excluded.

The third decade opens with the entry of the ☉ Sun into the sign of Aquarius ♒. The wind of change will blow: you may want to change your image, environment, move to another job, make new acquaintances. However, the January 2022 horoscope recommends refraining from these drastic actions. Develop your ability to think outside the box and strategically. It is better to schedule meetings with friends and cozy gatherings with relatives on January 23, when the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury occurs. At the end of the month, ♂ Mars passes into the sign of Capricorn ♑, increasing our ability to concentrate. Repetitions of situations of the first decade and a return to unsolved matters are possible. A horoscope for all zodiac signs shows that there is a chance to complete them successfully.

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