January 2022 Horoscope: Aquarius

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The January 2022 horoscope promises Aquarius a happy period for the development of talents, the acquisition of the necessary skills and public activity. Increased curiosity will contribute to an increase in erudition, and mobility of the mind – to its effective use. Gracefulness and grace will become the key to success with the opposite sex. However, the horoscope does not recommend embarking on romantic adventures, as well as making financial investments. January is suitable for intellectual work and fruitful business communications. The Aquarius horoscope shows that the desire to be in time everywhere and to please everyone can lead to overwork. Prosperity will be promoted by a sense of purpose and the ability to maintain a balance between the collective and the personal.

Excellent health and a positive attitude will delight Aquarius in the first decade of the month. The sun in semi-sextile with your sign will provide inner harmony leading to spiritual growth. The new moon 🌑 on January 2 is best dedicated to planning. Transit Mercury will expand the circle of contacts and increase the credibility of the arguments. One should directly, frankly express thoughts and listen carefully to the interlocutors, without putting pressure on others with authority. This is also favored by the aspect of Venus ♀, which gives the representatives of the air sign the opportunity to prove themselves as a charming person with exquisite taste, and the sextile of Mars will not let them sit idly by. Characterized by the desire for isolated activity and the desire to immediately achieve the result. The Aquarius horoscope advises avoiding superficiality and haste.

Sudden insights and sensitivity to beauty will become faithful companions of the second decade of the month, contributing to inspired work in the creative sphere. The transit of the Sun ☉ will also have a good effect on vitality. And the curiosity and insight inherent in Aquarius will be enhanced by the action of Mercury. The planetary connection will give confidence to speech, and communication – dynamism, and even some haste. Therefore, the Aquarius horoscope warns against lightweight promises, especially from mid-January, when the planet of contacts will move backwards. However, activity should not be avoided, because Mars will form a favorable aspect for defending professional interests and life principles. The 🌕 full moon on January 18 can be an emotionally stressful day. The horoscope does not recommend taking on excessive responsibilities and avoiding provocations.

The end of the month will provide Aquarius with a surge of energy and a charge of optimism. The period is suitable for showing individuality and promoting bold ideas. Due to the aspect of Mercury ☿, violent intellectual activity will gradually change to measured. Intuition and sensitivity to information will be sharpened – discoveries, penetration into secrets and understanding of hidden intentions are possible. Venus can bring satisfaction from social events. The Aquarius horoscope for January 2022 advises taking advantage of the increased charm to gain popularity. Mars ♂ will also contribute to this, creating a semi-sextile for your sign, which will manifest itself with diligence and the ability to compromise. But it is better to carry out your plans in secret from others.

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