January 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

You are attacking this new year with the sensation of being surrounded! The dissonances that emanate from Aries and Capricorn put pressure on you. They give you the impression that you can not do enough and that your boss or spouse is never happy. On the 6th, with the full moon forming in your sign, beware, because you can be attacked by the big bad blues! However, to hold on, you receive the unfailing support of Neptune and Uranus as friendly signs. They invite you to put events in perspective so that they do not get at you. When it comes to matters of the heart, the atmosphere is not conducive to candlelight dinners and romanticism. On the other hand, it favors intellectual exchanges. Does it tempt you?

Cancer: Love in General January 2023

Cancer: Between the 4th and the 27th, Venus in Aquarius gives no importance to feelings. On the other hand, the intellectual complicity seduces greatly. In this atmosphere free of tenderness, you will feel alone. From the 28th, Venus in Pisces catches up with her generosity and tenderness.

Cancer: In a relationship January 2023

Cancer: Throughout this month, it is mainly Mercury that animates zone seven of your solar theme. Sometimes the exchanges are happy and constructive. At other times, they flirt with a breakup. However, rest assured, it takes more than that for the ship to become shipwrecked.

Cancer: Single January 2023

Cancer: Venus is facetious this month. It makes you meet someone who seduces you intellectually. Before you get excited, see how things go from the 28th. Venus brings everything together both in terms of relief as well as discords.

Cancer: Career / Finance January 2023

Cancer: You have to make efforts to reach your goals daily. You have to do your best to go to work every morning. With the dissonances that emanate from Capricorn, you might feel like people are really complicated to manage, especially around the 6th, with the full Moon in your sign. So if you feel exhausted, don't fight. Take a break. On the financial side, buying things in duplicate or triplicate and four different colours appeases you. Be careful that this anti-stress therapy does not put your accounts in the red.

Cancer: Monthly Advice January 2023

Cancer: If you really want it, you can use your annoyances and your mood swings, to your advantage. How? By taking your antagonists by their feelings.

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