January 2023 Horoscope: Libra

Your sign benefits from the sparkling energies emanating from Aquarius and Gemini. They broaden your field of action. They offer you a change of ideas. They connect you to people with whom you are on the same wavelength. They soothe the feeling of loneliness that comes from Capricorn. In this atmosphere conducive to meetings and invitations, there is a good chance that you do not see the time pass. However, beware of influences thwarted by the full moon around the 6th. They disturb your appreciation of things, which would cause you to put yourself in a delicate situation. When it comes to matters of the heart, Jupiter titillates your Achilles heel: commitment. Instead of plunging into the meanders of contradiction, meditate on this hot topic.

Libra: Love in General January 2023

Libra: Between the 4th and the 27th, Venus in Aquarius animates the area of your love by filling it with all its benefits. She dissipates gloom through her ideas of genius. In this creative and inventive state of mind, your loves come out of their inertia and isolation.

Libra: In a relationship January 2023

Libra: The energies of Capricorn guarantee the longevity of your loves. Alas, it buries them in boredom. It's the perfect time to break the routine! The energies that emanate from Aquarius encourage you and they highly recommend it!

Libra: Single January 2023

Libra: Mars and Venus join together so that your loves can come out of their isolation. These sparkling energies invite you to meet people from different backgrounds and in unexpected circumstances. For magic to work, do not listen to kill-joys.

Libra: Career / Finance January 2023

Libra: Although your boss, your colleagues, or your customers seem a little too demanding, you feel better. On the best days, you will surpass yourself by showing a surprising and sublime ingenuity. However, some may put pressure on you and others may turn against your initiatives. In these circumstances, take some distance. It will give them time to calm down, and you will make yourself understood more easily. On the financial side, incompressible expenses can encourage you to postpone purchases. Do not take this as inevitable, because it is only momentary.

Libra: Monthly Advice January 2023

Libra: Dissonant energies put pressure on you. If you want to avoid crises, do not play into their game. Instead, take things with ease.

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