January 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

The Pisces horoscope for January 2022 promises a period full of ideas and many opportunities for their implementation. Active interaction with colleagues and partners will lead representatives of the sign to profitable deals or promotions. An attentive attitude to one’s own and others’ ideas can give rise to new interesting projects. January 2022 promises Pisces the support of others, which will be achieved thanks to such qualities as good nature, diligence and responsibility. Venus ♀ in the phase of retrograde movement, although it does not promise dizzying success in personal life, is conducive to the development of relationships. One has only to heed the recommendations of the horoscope, showing politeness and sensitivity in communicating with loved ones. Planetary transits also warn against haste and hot temper.

In early January, the increased energy bestowed on Pisces by the Sun ☉ sextile will help resolve business issues. A good mood and optimism will help improve family relationships. ☿ Mercury in Capricorn ♑ will contribute to pleasant communication and successful negotiations. The horoscope recommends devoting the new moon 🌑 on January 2 in the constellation Capricorn to planning. And from the next day, the planet of contacts will form a new aspect, showing initiative and diplomacy in Pisces. Venus Sextile will create suitable conditions for the recognition of the talents and the best qualities of the sign by others. However, the square of Mars in January 2022 warns against overwork and violent emotionality. Horoscope for Pisces recommends not to miss an opportunity to prove yourself, but to avoid impulsiveness and uncompromisingness.

The middle of the month will be fertile for the business sector. Perhaps the emergence of new responsibilities, the fulfillment of which promises Pisces a promotion, bonuses or other reward. Mercury ☿ in semi-sextile to the Sun will delight with sudden insights and ease of communication, creating conditions for intellectual work and work with people. From the 16th, the planet of communications turns back, therefore the Pisces horoscope advises not to break away from reality. The 🌕 full moon in the sign of Cancer ♋ on January 18 can be a day of active recreation and a variety of contacts. Thanks to the influence of Venus, interaction with others will be so effective that representatives of the sign will be able to attract even opponents to their side. However, the aspect of Mars warns against imposing views and rash actions.

The transition of the ☉ Sun into the sign of Aquarius ♒ in the third decade will give Pisces peace and peace of mind. The pacification will come in very handy – after all, the intense transit of Mars ♂ continues to operate, provoking violent emotions. But already on January 25, the square in the horoscope will change to sextile, creating a suitable basis for the implementation of the plan. Now initiative and even competition will contribute to success. In addition, Mercury, forming a sextile to your sign, will provide flexibility and mobility of the mind. The position of the planet of love and beauty does not exclude a happy coincidence in relationships or finances. However, the January 2022 horoscope for Pisces warns of the need to reckon with the interests of others and avoid excessive spending.

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