January 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

You live in a particularly pleasant atmosphere. The energies that emanate from Capricorn make you feel safe. This has the effect, that your self-confidence almost reaches the summits. You feel that you can trust your intuition. It's going to be your best guide this month. However, you will have to deal with the dissonances of Mars in Gemini that's wreaking havoc on the area of your career and your success. Your legendary pragmatism will have a hard time with promises that will not be honored. Around the 6th, your sense of dedication is increased tenfold. Be careful not to exhaust yourself by catching up with others' mistakes or assuming their responsibilities.

Virgo: Love in General January 2023

Virgo: It is the planetary cluster in Capricorn that animates your loves. It brings them the stability you are looking for. In this atmosphere that is free of extravagance, this period looks serene. However, starting on the 28th, the transfer of Venus to Pisces can create a stir if you listen to its siren song.

Virgo: In a relationship January 2023

Virgo: Your union evolves in a happy and constructive atmosphere that encourages you to make plans for the future. However, in the long run, boredom can settle in your relationship. Listen to your intuition when it suggests ideas that break the routine.

Virgo: Single January 2023

Virgo: A good star watches over your loves. So, without you doing anything, you attract attention. At the end of the month, someone might be crazy for you and deploy all the strategies to capture you in their nets. Trust yourself.

Virgo: Career / Finance January 2023

Virgo: This month is not great. On the worst days, you're on the verge of letting everything slip through your fingers, going on vacation, or sending in your resignation. Virgo, although you may feel like you only have problems to solve, you can see things differently. How? 'Or' What? By seeing them as challenges. In doing so, you will find the necessary resources, and you will achieve your goals with disconcerting ease. On the financial side, all the lights are green for you to have fun. Happiness never comes alone, your expenses are reasonable, and they won't get you into trouble.

Virgo: Monthly Advice January 2023

Virgo: You no longer have to prove your seriousness. However, be careful not to criticize those who are more lax than you. Your popularity rating would suffer, and that would be unfortunate.

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