July 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Although Mars leaves your sign on the 10th, this month will still be lively. Why? Because the Sun, Mercury, and Venus occupy your sign. These energies stimulate your self-confidence and your qualities. They illuminate your aura with this light that makes you noticed. Without doing it on purpose, you catch people's eye. In this astral climate that is particularly favorable to you, you will have to watch your ego because it can take over. Alas, this would produce undesirable effects. To avoid this, do not try to defend your ideas at all costs. Listen to others, even if you think they are too cautious or conservative. It is in this state of mind imbued with wisdom that you will have these opportunities of evolution that you covet.

Leo: Love in General July 2023

Leo: With the departure of Mars, your desires are wiser, but nothing presages that your loves will be. Although you do not do it on purpose, your charisma acts like a magic potion. Your sex appeal attracts attention. We see you, we notice you, we try to seduce you.

Leo: In a relationship July 2023

Leo: You are wiser and more caring. Your desires are less intense. Feelings take precedence over passion. However, you are not immune to a crisis of possessiveness. Why ? Because your charm attracts attention.

Leo: Single July 2023

Leo: This month, the situation is reversed. Although your power of seduction is always at the top, you are less inclined to make a move. On the other hand, it is you who are approached. For the follow-up, you decide!

Leo: Career / Finance July 2023

Leo: Again this month, your success is contingent on your ability to meet any challenges that arise. Be reassured on this point. You will get there brilliantly! Leo, your charisma means that you do not go unnoticed. It works for you, but sometimes it can annoy some people. So make sure you don't offend them. By doing so, you will attract their benevolence, which is much more useful for your progress than their resentment. On the financial side, everything is fine, but for obscure reasons, you are convinced that you are penniless. Before you torment yourself for nothing, check.

Leo: Monthly Advice July 2023

Leo: You continue to ride a wave of success and that's good. For things to work in your favor, listen to others and give them room to maneuver.

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