July 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

The evolution that is embodied by Jupiter is, again, thwarted by the energies of Leo. In spite of this, the tensions are calmed down, you find your lucidity. Happiness never arrives alone and on the 11th, Mars is transferred to Virgo. From that date, you have all the potential you need to negotiate, to your advantage, the proposals that are made to you. Providence makes you meet people who have the power to help you in the accomplishment of your projects. However, you will still continue to contend with the dissonances that come from Leo. Between the 12th and the 28th, do not rest on your laurels. Instead, keep an eye on everything and take the time to refine the details. Do not hesitate to define your wishes.

Scorpio: Love in General July 2023

Scorpio: Your loves are still animated by Venus in Leo. Everything can go well or they can plunge into the meanders of destructive passion. If you want peace, do not throw oil on the fire, because you know very well how it ends.

Scorpio: In a relationship July 2023

Scorpio: Until the 10th, the situation can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, with the transfer of Mars in Virgo, you find reason. Until the end of the month, your couple is not safe from some skirmishes, but you remain in solidarity.

Scorpio: Single July 2023

Scorpio: You evolve in different worlds. So, expect to meet someone who is physically attractive and someone who is attractive because of their intellectual wealth. Listen to your intuition. She knows what's good for you.

Scorpio: Career / Finance July 2023

Scorpio: The dissonances that emanate from Leo hinder your progress. The opportunities that present themselves suit you, but they have flaws that make you back off. Since a problem never happens alone, your mood is gloomy. You are not very friendly, which does not help. Scorpio, if, from the 11th, someone makes you an offer, accept it even if there are things that bother you. Why? Because they will be erased in a few weeks. On the financial side, although nothing untoward is announced, this sector can cause you concern. Get away from old problems.

Scorpio: Monthly Advice July 2023

Scorpio: Your success lies in your ability to skillfully combine your intuition with patience. That done, you will not be stuck making heavy choices.

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