June 2023 Horoscope: Leo

The presence of Mars and Venus in Leo foreshadows that this month will be animated! You will reveal the best of yourself and sometimes, the worst! The energies that are in Gemini encourage you to realize your projects. With your talents and charisma, you gain the trust of those who have the power to help you. It is by being sure of yourself that you make decisions. The problems are incarnated by Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus which are amplified until the 11th by Mercury. These energies prevent you from doing what you want and this may, unfortunately, reveal your flaws. However, you can avoid that. How? By taking into account the opinions of your partners instead of putting the cart before the horse.

Leo: Love in General June 2023

Leo: With Mars and Venus in your sign, your loves take on another dimension. They trigger love at first sight, great declarations of love, and intense desires. The disadvantage is that these passions will come up against reality. In these circumstances, it is one or the other. It works or it breaks!

Leo: In a relationship June 2023

Leo: You are invaded by a renewed passion! That's enough to rekindle the flame, if it began to waver. But do not overdo it. Why? Because you become unbearable when you go beyond the limits.

Leo: Single June 2023

Leo: Whether you put in yours or not, the result is the same. Your power of seduction reaches the peaks! In this euphoric climate, do not go astray. This will save you from getting into a complicated situation.

Leo: Career / Finance June 2023

Leo: Your daily life and your development are subordinated to people who seem to you to have limited themselves. With that in mind, the least that can be said is that you are not putting the odds on your side! Leo, although it does not suit you, you will have to deal with pragmatic partners. So go their way, and the obstacles that stand in your way will disappear. On the financial side, the same fight! If you need a large sum, do not force it. Have the right arguments and count on time. It will be safer.

Leo: Monthly Advice June 2023

Leo: This month, you're successful and it's really good. However, in case of annoyance, stay calm and your image will retain its brilliance.

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