March 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

The energies that emanate from Aries and Gemini stimulates you! Luck continues to smile. You have ideas to spare and projects under your wing. On the 8th, Saturn leaves Aquarius. During his stay in your sign, he encouraged you to structure your ideas while hindering their realization. Therefore, you have, perhaps, found that the time drags on. This month, the restraints release. You have a free field. Your relationships with others are excellent. You are motivated to get things moving in the right direction. Until the 25th, with Mars in Gemini, you juggle ideas. You react quickly and well. This month, all the lights are green so that you can seize, the opportunities that will arise on the fly.

Aquarius: Love in General March 2023

Aquarius: Planets in friendly signs privilege your independence without you having to justify yourself. You feel good and this is reflected happily on your loves. However, from the 17th, it gets complicated unless you agree to be home a little more often.

Aquarius: In a relationship March 2023

Aquarius: Although Uranus sends you a few warning shots, their impacts are mitigated by your joie de vivre. The unexpected animates your relationship. Everything is fine. However, if you feel that the atmosphere is tense after the 17th, calm things down.

Aquarius: Single March 2023

Aquarius: Everything starts so that you have a love life that corresponds to your expectations. You are satisfied. From the 17th, your independence can become a problem. Either calm it or keep it. You have the choice.

Aquarius: Career / Finance March 2023

Aquarius: The departure of Saturn from your sign arranges your business well. Your room for maneuver increases. You are no longer stuck. Happiness never comes alone; Jupiterian effects also take their full effect. Suddenly, the opportunities that arise are more attractive. Some may lead you to this long-awaited success. If something comes up around the 3rd, you can jump on it. You will not be disappointed. On the financial side, this sector may suffer a small unexpected drop. Do not take offence. See it as an opportunity to manage your finances more wisely.

Aquarius: Monthly Advice March 2023

Aquarius: When you abuse your freedom, Uranus sends you a signal. This month, it is Venus who takes care of it. Do not rebel. Listen to her. Your loves will reward you a hundredfold.

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