March 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

You continue to evolve in a favorable climate, but gradually, the sparkling energies of Aquarius let you go. For luck to continue to smile on you, you will have to make the right choices. This month, your mission is not to change your mind when your projects are having difficulties. Instead of dodging them, try to solve them as much as possible. How? By focusing on initiatives that have concrete results. Also, listen to the advice that will be given to you from the 8th. Keep yourself on the side of wisdom even if it does not suit you! Around the 7th, accept criticism, because it is there to make you progress. Around the 21st, a friendship comes to the rescue!

Gemini: Love in General March 2023

Gemini: Your loves are supported by the energies that emanate from Aries. They install them in a whirlwind of activity, outings, and projects. Life is Beautiful! Beginning on the 17th, focus on feelings and calm things down. This will prevent you from going through a period of unwanted loneliness.

Gemini: In a relationship March 2023

Gemini: Your other half can count on you so that the routine does not settle in your relationship. You are happy, but on the condition that you do not only talk about your projects and your ambitions. This would create disagreements.

Gemini: Single March 2023

Gemini: Love can surprise you by chance and you could embark on a passionate and exciting romance! If a few minor annoyances arise, do not flee. Instead, put in the work and everything will be fine.

Gemini: Career / Finance March 2023

Gemini: The transfer from Saturn to Pisces foreshadows some small blockages in this sector. However, you can mitigate them by accepting the challenge from the planet of wisdom. Gemini, you have some luck in many areas. If you want it to extend overtime, take it a little more seriously. Pay attention to detail. That done, you will be happy to see that you do, indeed, have genius. On the financial side, everything is fine. To keep this little miracle going, don't be fooled by feelings from the 26th.

Gemini: Monthly Advice March 2023

Gemini: Although this is not your thing, put a dose of emotion in your actions and your words. It's not much, but it will bring you a lot.

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