March 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

This month, you will have to arrange with the dissonances emanating from Gemini and Pisces. These energies disrupt your plans and your tranquility. They give you the feeling of being assaulted by events. You have the impression that your spouse, your boss, and others do not understand where you are coming from. You lose control of the situation. Around the 7th, with the full moon forming in your sign, these phenomena are amplified and confirmed. Instead of struggling in all directions, see things differently. Open to other possibilities. Uranus and Venus in Taurus offer you this opportunity. Certainly, unexpectedly, but it is worthwhile that you give it a little attention, if you want to have peace.

Virgo: Love in General March 2023

Virgo: Despite your good will, it's complicated unless you agree to see things differently. The energies in Pisces put pressure on you and Venus in Taurus winks at you. This month, contrary to what you think, you have the choice and you can make a decision.

Virgo: In a relationship March 2023

Virgo: Commitment is still an angry subject. Your other half overwhelms you with criticism. Venus in Taurus and then Mars in Cancer, helps you create a diversion. Highlight all your positive aspects. It will soothe and reassure your partner.

Virgo: Single March 2023

Virgo: From the 17th, Venus in Taurus plays the matchmaker. From the 26th, Mars in Cancer encourages you to take action. Your loves could meet your ideals as long as you listen to your intuition and not to reason.

Virgo: Career / Finance March 2023

Virgo: If you have the feeling that your horizon is blocked, this feeling can be attributed to Saturn. Beyond the fact that it completely demotivates you, it amplifies the challenges sent by Mars in Gemini. Virgo, admittedly, this March is not wildly cheerful. However, you can experience it differently. How? 'Or' What? By stopping to look for perfection. By doing so, you will save a lot of time and your life will be more comfortable. On the financial side, a substantial sum, which was long overdue, can fill your piggy bank and reassure you about having an excellent time.

Virgo: Monthly Advice March 2023

Virgo: Stop looking to satisfy everyone else's desires! Instead, think of yourself. Do yourself a favor and don't be bothered if it disturbs well-meaning minds!

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