May 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

Although your progress is slow with Jupiter in Aries, you are seizing opportunities. It gives you a will so that you do not get discouraged in the face of setbacks. Supported by Venus until the 7th, you are comfortable everywhere and with everyone. Luck smiles on you. You have the feeling of being lucky! Alas, from the 17th, with the transfer of Jupiter to Taurus, the atmosphere changes. People are more demanding with you. Going for strength will not save you time, quite the opposite. Instead, take advantage of these hazards to identify what is wrong in order to correct it. From the 21st, with Mars in Leo, it is by reacting in a positive way that tensions and refusals will subside.

Aquarius: Love in General May 2023

Aquarius: Dissonant energies reduce your field of action and this may annoy you tremendously. If you want your loves to project over time, do not be all or nothing. See the virtues of a calmer life instead of overwhelming it with all the evils.

Aquarius: In a relationship May 2023

Aquarius: With the astral dissonances, you are very present and you become stuffy. So, you take your distance and doubts settle. Find the right compromise and you will not be stunned by the reproaches of your other half.

Aquarius: Single May 2023

Aquarius: Your charisma works wonders. You meet people with a disconcerting ease, but they are ephemeral. If you want to have a lasting relationship, try to be more emotionally demonstrative. And if you can, accept the constraints with a smile.

Aquarius: Career / Finance May 2023

Aquarius: If you want to do what you like, in May, it's time to seize the chance that passes, especially between the 1st and 7th. Then things take their course, but after the 16th, they will get complicated. However, these complications are not insurmountable. If you are pragmatic when circumstances dictate, everything will be fine. If, on the other hand, you struggle to impose your ideals, you will experience disappointments. On the financial side, this sector is still not tight. So try, if possible, to be a little more economical. By doing so, you will get back in the game quickly. Well, you can ease some tension. How? 'Or' What? By pursuing one goal at a time.

Aquarius: Monthly Advice May 2023

Aquarius: Cohabitation with the energies of Taurus is not simple. However, if you want to, you can ease some tension. How? By pursuing one goal at a time.

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