May 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

Gradually, the energies that emanate from Jupiter in Aries dwindle to disappear on the 16th. From the 17th, your life starts again on the right foot thanks to the good waves that come from Jupiter in Taurus. The positive and constructive aspect that connects one side to Saturn in Pisces and the other to Mars in Cancer, foreshadows that you will feel much better! The feeling that fate strikes you for obscure reasons fades away. It is replaced by the feeling of having a lucky star above your head. In this atmosphere of understanding, good humor, and luck, your existence takes on another dimension. It opens you up to other perspectives that will allow you to exploit your talents, your skills, and your experience.

Cancer: Love in General May 2023

Cancer: You go along with it, but little by little, things are getting better. From the 8th, the transfer of Venus to Cancer announces an improvement. That of Jupiter in Taurus initiates a positive change! In this climate of trust and understanding, you finally come out of your reserve.

Cancer: In a relationship May 2023

Cancer: Slowly, but surely, your union regains its meaning. The reassuring effects of Mercury restore the bonds. Venus, from the 8th, revives feelings. From the 16th, you can make suggestions to your other half without being refused.

Cancer: Single May 2023

Cancer: This month, what was impossible becomes possible! The stars in friendly signs create a connection with someone who could surprise you with their kindness and availability. For the follow-up, you decide!

Cancer: Career / Finance May 2023

Cancer: Cancer, keep your head up high! A few more days to bear the stress of Jupiter in Aries, and then, you can breathe! So hold on even if you want to throw in the towel. From the 17th, you will feel much better. Thanks to a happy combination of circumstances, the facilities will take the place of difficulties and tensions. You will rediscover the pleasure of doing your work in an atmosphere where understanding and serenity reign. On the financial side, this sector is doing well, but on condition that you remain reasonable in your expenses.

Cancer: Monthly Advice May 2023

Cancer: You evolve in a universe that suits you and is convenient for you. Take the time to welcome the opportunities that arise. They will prove much more beneficial than you imagine.

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