May 2021 Horoscope: Capricorn

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The Capricorn horoscope for May 2021 portends a lot of fun, a breakthrough in creativity and an interesting pastime with loved ones. The stars recommend breaking your comfort zone and using every opportunity to build a successful future. Hobbies and creativity will have a chance for everyone to see and praise. Unity with the inner "I" will occupy a higher niche, which may lead to greater independence. The Capricorn horoscope advises taking a short break for those things that have long been postponed for later. Solve old cases, finish what you started, so that you can go further without looking back. The main advice for May: "all difficulties are temporary." Therefore, treat them as valuable experiences. Unleash your inner potential and do not make harsh decisions.

In the first decade of May, Capricorn will be significantly influenced by Mercury ☿. This period is favorable for those who prefer work and career. Under the influence of ☿ Mercury in the sign of Gemini ♊, Capricorn will wake up organizational skills that will lead him to success on the verge of perfectionism. Due to the impact of the adverse aspects of Venus ♀, Capricorn will need support and the feeling that he is needed. A representative of the earth zodiac sign will try to show love for a partner as much as possible. However, care and attention can seem like sacrifice. Therefore, it is necessary to change your mind in time, otherwise love for you will begin to be measured only by material things.

In the second half of the month, the May horoscope for Capricorn is recommended to spend as much time as possible with children and soulmate. The new moon 🌑 in Taurus is the perfect time to strengthen an existing union or create a new one. If staying alone is a hopeless situation, then devote yourself to your favorite business, into which you will go headlong. Particular attention should be paid to health, it is advisable to revise your diet and give up junk food. In terms of study, May is not a very successful month for Capricorn. Grades may deteriorate, and those who decide to enter universities may face difficulties. It is important here not to give up what you started and not to despair. You can temporarily postpone things and turn your attention to something else, such as a hobby.

On May 26, 2021, the 🌕 full moon in the sign of Sagittarius ♐ will occur. It is at this time that the Universe will remind you of forgotten things that need to be completed. The horoscope for May 2021 for Capricorn will bring to the surface all the fears and disturbing moments that I would not like to remember. In the third decade, the subconscious will open at a powerful level, which will shed light on many things that were previously incomprehensible. Particular attention should be paid to dreams, especially vivid and realistic ones. They will contain answers to exciting questions and pressing problems. At the end of the month, Capricorns will be generously rewarded for their contribution to work. There will be new career opportunities that will increase income in the future.

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