May 2021 Horoscope: Gemini

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The May 2021 horoscope for Gemini believes that the month will start rapidly and slow down only by the third decade. Working days will be scheduled by the minute. There is less and less time for relationships with the family. It is also difficult to plan a vacation. This month is favorable for those involved in business, construction and IT. Do not forget about ill-wishers. The transition of Mercury to Gemini makes them decide on unworthy tricks. This month you can try to lay the foundation for a new family. And the ringed representatives of the sign in May do not need to neglect the feelings of loved ones. The horoscope believes that excessive pride and selfishness will harm you in the first place.

In early May 2021, Gemini will be on the rise in physical strength. After a difficult period, you will feel that life has loosened its grip and life has become easier. The horoscope for Gemini for May 2021 advises putting the workflow in the first place. It will be easy for representatives of the sign to have a career, study and fight with rivals. Keep your mind clear as well-being is cyclical. You need to take advantage of the favorable period. Venus moved into Gemini and advises to be more patient with the family. This month, loved ones can shift their responsibilities to you. In the process of sorting out the relationship, representatives of the sign will draw important conclusions for themselves. In May, leisure should be diluted with hiking, active games and trips out of town.

In the second half of May, the Aries new moon comes, which heralds significant events. Gemini can captivate colleagues with new ideas, but their implementation will take a long time. The horoscope believes that by using old official ties, you can strengthen relations with your superiors. The sextile of Mars and Uranus promises positive changes in the family. Gemini will improve relationships with the other half, children and relatives. You can receive news from a past life that will dispel old doubts. The Gemini horoscope for May advises to cut down on daily expenses and be frugal. Representatives of the sign may turn up a part-time job, but they will have to devote all their free time to it. During the period of respiratory illness, you are vulnerable and must take care of your health. Try to eat right and consume plenty of vitamins.

The Gemini horoscope believes that pleasant events can be expected in the third decade. Any situations involving children will bring a lot of joy and positive emotions. At the end of the month, the Sun shifts into Gemini, heralding a change in work. Your bosses may offer you guidance on new projects. Business trips and business trips are possible. In May, do not forget about good rest. Prolonged employment will lead to a rapid decline in performance. Horoscope recommends pampering yourself with a trip to the spa. Mercury retrograde thinks it’s worth taking stock at the end of the month. Representatives of the sign need to share household chores with loved ones in order to allow themselves to relax. Singles have a chance to improve their privacy in May. New acquaintances will bring a lot of positive emotions this month.

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