May 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Until the 16th, Jupiter in Aries continues to offer you opportunities that are intended to expand your field of action. Then the lucky star joins Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun in Taurus. This transfer might seem brutal to you, because it will definitely stop this beautiful impulse which pushes you to change what must be changed. Instead of giving up or rebelling against setbacks, take a step back. Take advantage of the delays that accumulate to refine what has been proposed to you lately. Arrange for your projects to be accepted by those who reject them. To do this, give them time instead of acting as though it was a done deal. The more you listen to the opinions of others, the more you will be on the right track.

Leo: Love in General May 2023

Leo: Until the 7th, everything is fine. Then the flame of passion flickers. A feeling of loneliness sets in. On the 21st, Mars in Leo pushes you to take initiatives. Alas, the results may not be up to your expectations unless you change tactics.

Leo: In a relationship May 2023

Leo: After a promising upturn, your relationship is about to go through a less festive period. You can win your other half back. However, if you want the magic to work, arrange to fulfill their wishes instead of promising them wonders.

Leo: Single May 2023

Leo: Through events and circumstances, you can find yourself alone. However, rest assured, it will not last forever! At the end of the month, business resumes to your advantage, provided you are more sentimental.

Leo: Career / Finance May 2023

Leo: Everything is fine until the 16th. Then it gets complicated! Leo, the stars do not make you miserable. They send you challenges that you are perfectly capable of meeting. So instead of fighting against bad luck, gather your positive energies and find solutions! If a project stops on its way up, take the opportunity to make some changes. In doing so, you will be amazed at the results and the success that you will achieve. On the financial side, although daily life is assured, this period is not favorable for significant investments. Wait a bit, and take the opportunity to perfect your project.

Leo: Monthly Advice May 2023

Leo: Your success lies in your ability to listen to others' points of view. By taking up this challenge, you will be pleasantly surprised by the qualities that some people possess.

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